Maria Kozhevnikova decided to extreme weight loss

Мария Кожевникова решилась на экстремальное похудение
The actress plans to lose ten pounds in one month.

Maria Kozhevnikova

Photo: Instagram

Maria Kozhevnikova admitted that in
pregnancy without limit. As a result, waiting for the first
and then the second and third kids, every time she gained a significant amount of extra
pounds. Now the star has decided to return to the shape that she had to
interesting situation. And to do this she’s going in record time.

“I usually suggest to lose weight more than five pounds
a month to the skin is not limp and to the body stress is not to apply, but
I have demands on themselves to be tougher, — said Maria. —As a month and
three days from my birthday, and my goal is to get into their dresses I
wore before pregnancy, I need to lose about 10 pounds! Yes,
You heard right, a month on ten! Now my weight with the growth of 169 — 65 kg, my maximum weight
before birth — 55 lbs.
Do you think You could?” Also Kozhevnikova decided to make for this reason
like a flash mob, inviting fans who want to get rid of excess weight
to lose weight along with it. “I personally believe, but I need company, are You with me?! —
she appealed to the subscribers of his microblog. — Let every day You
will finish the post about how much you gained or lost
weight, what you ate, drank and what physical activity was. And who from
we’ll lose weight I’ll give you a prize!”