Sati Casanova became a famous musician

Сати Казанова породнилась с известным музыкантом
The singer has found a new brother.

Sati Kazanova with Stefan and his brother Christian

Photo: @satikazanova (Instagram Sati Casanova)

Today, Sati Casanova told fans that her life has a new brother and sister. We are talking about relatives Stefano Tiozzo, with whom the singer recently, according to media reports, has already formalized the relationship. Interestingly, Satie met the brother of her future husband long before she began an affair with Stefan. Christiano, a world — famous composer. Even before I met Stefan, the Russian star has repeatedly been at performances of his own brother. Talent Christian makes Sati indescribable delight, and his music, by her own admission, touched to tears.

“To find a new brother and sister — a great happiness! Chris is an amazingly talented musician and composer! What does his music with people, perhaps, impossible to describe in words! Before I met my husband I knew Chris and I went to his concerts, and wept there with delight and the catharsis… the other day, now my brother will give a concert in Moscow!” — shared Sati.

Meanwhile, last week in the media appeared information that Sati and Stefano have already signed in the capital’s registry office, where the lovers are filed in August. However, Casanova is not yet officially confirmed that she got married. Recall that the main celebration on the occasion of the marriage Casanova is scheduled for October 12 and will be held in Italy. However, in his native Kabardino-Balkaria, the artist organizes a small dinner later.