The son of brad pitt intends to publicly humiliate him

Сын Брэда Питта намерен публично унизить его Scandal in the family of Hollywood stars continues. At this time, the heir of artists has threatened the parent to publish the incriminating footage. According to a source close to the family, this step may become decisive in the question of who gets custody of the children.

      Brad pitt is likely to remain aloof in the matter of raising children. The senior heir of two former spouses, 15-year-old Maddox, has threatened the father that will display videos that demonstrate how actor spoke with my mom. According to the insider, to disseminate information, the adolescent often spends time in the Network and does not miss any opportunity to capture anything on camera.

      Jolie and pitt may reunite for daughter

      It is noteworthy that the boy has for years secretly recorded various scenes from the personal life of Angelina and brad. All this is stored in his mobile device. There is a perception that Maddox is not hosting videos on social media only for the reason that it keeps the mother. The actress is going to get custody of the heirs without extreme measures. However, according to the source, if that’s not enough, she uses as evidence the family archive in the phone of the son.

      “Maddox never releases the phone from his hands, then shoots. Last year, for example, he secretly took some quarrels of Angelina and brad in which brad was losing control of himself. Maddox is very close with his mother, they have an incredible bond, he is always on her side, so that these records can destroy brad,” told the insider to foreign publications.

      Angelina Jolie to the last hoped that the court will be on her side, and brad pitt will lose any opportunity to have contact with children. It is important to say that in recent weeks the mother of six children tries to protect them from the influence of his father. For all the time that lasts the divorce process, brad met with the heirs of nothing more than with ex-wife. To arrange a meeting with them, I needed to be tested for blood alcohol and drugs. He had to undergo inspection once a week. Beloved, bishie go to a psychologist, which at its discretion assigns certain times for gathering the whole family.

      The last three months since the beginning of divorce proceedings the couple is the main object of gossip columns and news. Around their family there was an incredible amount of rumors. Every source close to the family, reported new causes of divorce. Angelina Jolie was thought to have an affair with Arab Sheikh billionaire, brad pitt with actress Marion Cotillard and even with the star of “suicide Squad” Margot Robbie. The first time voiced the opinion that the actor is going to live in his mansion in the South of Europe, and the star of “Lara Croft” and “Malificent” ready to lose yourself in the arms of johnny Depp. But, as it turned out, it was all nothing more than speculation by interested observers. Socialite Hollywood “sharpening claws” to hunt for brad pitt