Hope Shevchenko: “After “the battle of psychics” I want to run away from yourself”

Надежда Шевченко: «После «Битвы экстрасенсов» мне хочется убежать от себя» The witch of St. Petersburg, took third place in the final of the project, already knows what to do at the end of the transmission. Nadezhda Eduardovna has planned a New year on the Islands, as it needs to recover to once again help people.

      The witch of St. Petersburg Nadezhda Shevchenko won third place in the seventeenth season of “the Battle of psychics” on TNT. As previously recognized the woman, she knew that this time the show was going strong opponents, so her goal was to reach the final. Support of the viewers and the talent Hopes Eduardovna helped her enter the top three.

      “StarHit” talked with the witch and learned of her plans for the future. According to Shevchenko, no new business she has no plans to open, as do many other ex-participants of the show. “Like doing magic, and will. I came to the project already with the name known in certain circles,” – said Shevchenko.

      Nadezhda Eduardovna had to abandon private receptions during the filming of the seventeenth season. After “the battle of psychics”, it will need some time to regain energy.

      “I want to recover my inner balance. Because, how will you help people if devastated inside? I need to regain confidence. Power, will, faith, mystery – that’s all the work”, – explained the witch.

      Nadezhda Eduardovna not to deny that some tests on the project it was very difficult. During one of the tasks participants had to determine with his eyes closed, who lived in the manor in the Hills. Witch accurately described the character of Vladimir Lenin, but failed to name the ex-leader. Also, the woman remained dissatisfied after the test with the guys from the project “DANCING” on TNT.

      Shevchenko will spend the Christmas holidays on the Islands. According to participants of the mystical project of the country, she needs her rest. “At the end of January I will fly to the Dominican Republic with friends. I’m so exhausted that flee to warmer climes. This will be the first New year in a hot country. I want to switch to escape from himself,” explained Hope.

      In the coming year, according to Shevchenko, it will reopen the record on private parties. The witch believes that 2017 will develop very well for her. Besides, Nadezhda Eduardovna expects to become a mother-in-law and waiting for the wedding of his son.