Dmitry Maryanov said as the mini-pig changed his life

Дмитрий Марьянов рассказал, как мини-пиг изменил его жизнь The artist shared with “StarHit” the details of parenting a special pet. The pig named the Bag is a real favorite in the family. Dmitry and his wife Ksenia was invited “StarHit” to visit and demonstrated how to grow their pet.

      Дмитрий Марьянов рассказал, как мини-пиг изменил его жизнь

      A couple of years ago before the New year, the son of actor Dmitry Marjanov rare beast − a pig named Owoseni, or just a Bag.

      “My wife and Xenia can’t live without Pets − says “StarHit” Dmitry. – I’m a cat person, she’s a dog person. First I wanted to buy a Maine Coon, but it would be unfair to his wife. Once lying on the couch, She prepares in the kitchen, and I was screaming: “let’s get a pig!” The wife said, “give me mini-pig!” Immediately called my friends, and we brought the five pigs. Avoca was the only black and made the choice for us. Went and sulked under my chair. So he got the first blow of sneakers and remained with us.”

      Dmitry and Xenia heard that sometimes mini-piggies turn into a wild boar weighing under a hundred pounds.

      “So then there was with my sister shopping Bags, which corroded to 70 kg and she was sent to the farm – adds Xenia. – Caused by an incorrect feeding. They are not meat − only fruits and vegetables. As a delicacy – candied. When this brush for footwear appears at the house you fall in love with her at first sight. He cries real tears if he is sick or hurt. And smiling, and talking. Sometimes, Skoda. Can put a pile near the TV in our bedroom.”
      Дмитрий Марьянов рассказал, как мини-пиг изменил его жизнь

      Name for the pig came up with Ksenia. Metric it should have been called the letter A. One of the performances, which plays a Maryanov, called “Juno and Avos”.

      “He has a funny sleeping – continues Maryanov. – Puts the patch on my shoulder. Although the first time I was afraid of, because I raised him. One day, she went to Kiev to relatives. The shopping bag got under the sheets, she crept to me, thinking it was the landlady, and with a wild screech blew their snot on me. Sneakers not long to wait. Another funny story happened when one TV channel was interviewing me. With a reporter came to the producer – type always Smoking girls on your phone and show off. She was wearing a cardigan of some good company. After the interview the girl who asked questions, asked to feed Awasu. Gave her pumpkin seeds. “Something he quietly eats! said prodyusersha. So I was sitting here working… so Gnawed gnawed”. Her jacket fell to the floor. Raises: “where are my mother of pearl buttons?” It turned out the Bag I eat them all! But nefig”.