The ex-husband of Alena Kravets takes her child out of the country

Бывший муж Алены Кравец увозит ее ребенка из страны Woman worried about the fate of the successor. She was hoping to meet a girl on Christmas vacation. However, the ex-husband of the actress has no plans to return Daniella. He wants to spend the holidays abroad.

      For several months Alena Kravets trying to get justice. Her ex-husband, the millionaire Ruslan Kravets, took the daughter and not going to return it back to his mother. As says the woman, almost six years, as they divorced, he always to deter aggression and they were able to peacefully resolve any issue. However, the last six months, the man lost control of himself, began scandals and even to raise a hand against the mother of his child.

      Lawyer Alena Kravets, “She cried, seeing his daughter”

      Soon Ruslan carried the heir to itself, and since Alena knows exactly where Daniella. She was sure that ex-boyfriend give her the opportunity to spend New year’s with the girl, but later found out that he plans to take her abroad. This greatly upset the celebrity, as she has already prepared the gifts of his beloved daughter and didn’t want the holiday was marred.

      “Through the guard’s ex-husband, I learned that the next few days Ruslan flies with Danielle to celebrate the New year abroad. But I wonder how Ruslan will be able to take out daughter without my consent? After all necessary official permission from the other parent if child is travelling with only one of the members of the family,” – says Alain.

      Alena is sure that the man specifically precludes her from seeing Danielle because she’s afraid that her daughter will not want to return to it. Therefore, according to Kravets, who carefully hides her location. The girl’s mother tried several times to contact ex-husband personally, but it has not brought results. She went through all the available addresses, where Danielle could be, but every time it failed to pass on the barrier. In a conversation with one of the guards Alena found out that the baby’s father going to give her training in a foreign school.

      The artist nurtures the hope that the former spouse would have to give her the opportunity to see Danielle. It is necessary to remind that the woman is cooperating with lawyer Maya Sandler, who is trying to help bring back the daughter of the artist. The lawyer contacted the representative Ruslan, since by the former spouse of her client to talk is not possible.

      Alena Kravets: “For the daughter I will fight to the last!”

      “We advocate Maya Sandler, preparing documents to file a claim. We waited for everything to be solved peacefully. She called his lawyer, he tried – to no avail. I am the daughter will not give up under any circumstances”, – said Kravetz in an interview with “StarHit”.

      Recall that after Alena Kravets appeared in the program Andrei Malakhov “Let them talk” and told his story, most of her friends were very surprised that for six years after the divorce, the actress was not told about the cases of violence. The woman was published in the microblog his face covered with bruises and numerous abrasions. Subscribers were horrified by the photos and tried to support the performer. Despite all the hardships of fate, she believes that the truth, in the end, will be on her side.