Сын беременной Айзы Долматовой отвлекает ее от болезни Sam amuses mom. ISA Dolmatova complained the fans in the cold that caught her in the birthday of the beloved. Now the woman has to spend time in bed to quickly cure the ailment.

      Сын беременной Айзы Долматовой отвлекает ее от болезни

      Ex-wife of rapper Guf ISAs Dolmatova will soon become a mother for the second time. Now the woman is in her sixth month of pregnancy and preparing for birth son from her new husband Dmitri. Today, however, ISA suddenly felt bad – she had a fever. Dolmatova it’s a shame that it happened on the birthday of her husband. Now the woman spends time in bed so as soon as possible to overcome the disease. Especially because she caught a cold at a fairly advanced state of pregnancy, and this can be dangerous for the unborn child. Now the whole family worried about the health of ISA. Dolmatova could not resist not to share with the fans, which shows the care her son Sam to distract mom.

      “You could go lay on the couch. Sam reads us stories, Dima in the ocean, and I’m trying to read the book, but it is difficult, therefore, to dig into the phone, looking for videos with Chewie, but find Sam, who sings our favorite song,” – said in a microblog Dolmatova.

      A video posted by I Z A A N O H I N A (@aizalovesam) 4 Jul 2016 to 3:50 PM PDT

      Fans were in awe of the video son Dolmatova. Fans were very concerned that ISA feels bad, especially being on the sixth month of pregnancy. They wished her a speedy recovery.

      “Get well soon. Today such a great day – birthday, hurt never, “ISA, honey, with a temperature, call the doctor! During pregnancy is very dangerous!”, “Health to you and your children, the man you are the best. Happiness to you,” wrote the anxious fans.

      ISA, in turn, told about his visit to doctors and assured loyal fans that there is no danger.

      “Already been to the doctor! It’s all good. Just not worth it to go with a wet head in the car enabled kondeem,” said Dolmatov.

      Now ISA is preparing for the birth of the second son. Not so long ago she admitted that during pregnancy, allows himself to gastronomic delights in unlimited quantities. She noted that in order to treat yourself to a delicious meal, can not eat all day, and then in what does not deny in restaurants. However, this is not always brings joy Dolmatova. Pregnant ISA Dolmatova eats in restaurants

      “There was a terrible feeling! The belly has grown even more! And fear that I will be bold, intensified to madness, it’s hard to control myself pregnant! Although I may not have long for delicious food, but if delicious food is what can’t stop me!” – he recognized the woman.

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