Даная Пригожина похвасталась шикарным авто The successor of Joseph Prigogine became the owner of a luxury car. Danae Prigogine showed in the microblogging photo of a new white BMW. Fans attacked the girl questions to see where she got such an expensive vehicle.

      Даная Пригожина похвасталась шикарным авто

      The daughter of Joseph Prigogine Danae spent the weekend in the company of mother Helena. They were saved from the July heat in the pool, filled with water, and sunbathed on the lawn near a country house. However, on Sunday evening, 19-year-old girl went home. In his microblog Danae boasted car, at the wheel which it drives.

      In the picture in the dark you can see the BMW x3 model. At the moment the cost of this machine in its standard configuration is 2 million rubles. All subscribers Danae was wondering how one so young could appear such a car. Prigogine said particularly curious followers that BMW gave to her mother. Her father, producer Prigozhin, does not spoil the daughter such gifts. With dad at the moment, the girl almost never talks, though he said that they weren’t fighting.

      “Why not communicate? He probably doesn’t want to. I don’t want to intrude, call not answering or busy, and then a photo from vacation, I am humbled. Life goes on, loved ones are always near, not only mentally,” wrote this about the relationship with Joseph Prigozhin.

      Recall that Prigogine’s relationship with his daughter is difficult to name ideal. They have not once had a dispute which they could have a long talk. In 2015, father and daughter for six months, stopped to chat. Producer of negatively perceived words Danai said it in one of the ethers. However, after some time the girl took a step towards him, and they reconciled. Joseph was relieved that the heiress was able to swallow your pride and talk to him.

      “There are quarrels in every family, that is no reason to put an end. He is my father and in my life it plays a significant role, as well as my mom. Nobody’s fault that it happened. I think we both realized our mistakes, and continue this will not happen again” – said this in an exclusive interview with “StarHit”. The daughter of Joseph Prigogine about family conflict: “it’s Nobody’s fault that it happened”

      By the way, with his son Dmitri Joseph Prigogine has still not improved relations. “I recently sent a gift. He never called me back and said no thank you. He’s not even picking up my calls, I have to find him,” said the producer.

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