David Beckham has shared a rare photo from the wedding

Дэвид Бекхэм поделился раритетным фото со свадьбы The player congratulated his wife with anniversary family life. David and Victoria Beckham sent each other via social network messages full of love and admiration. 17 years ago, the stars became husband and wife.

      Дэвид Бекхэм поделился раритетным фото со свадьбы

      David and Victoria Beckham is already the second decade are the most popular couple in Britain after the Royal family. The couple strongly emphasize that their relationship is not love, but love is only getting stronger. Star raising four children, and their friends hard talk about the imminent new addition.

      Today, “Instagram” David and Victoria again was filled with words of love to each other – the couple celebrates 17th anniversary of family life. Vic on his page in the social network was named the world’s best husband, dad and David left the whole better half a romantic message.

      “For 17 years! I was lucky to meet my soul mate, a man with the same energy and the same vision as me. We are raising four wonderful children, and I couldn’t ask for a better mother for them. Happy anniversary, I love you,” wrote David Victoria.

      Together with the post Beckham has published rare photos from the wedding, which he does, of course, younger than now, but his wife as well slender and sophisticated.

      Recall, the wedding is one of the brightest pairs on 4 July 1999 and cost nearly one million dollars. $ 100,000 of this amount was spent only on the wedding dress of Victoria. Roskoshnyy train and elegant bodice, and then another long stirs the minds of future brides who ordered tailor the same outfits.

      By the way, the costs are not very worried stars because the Beckhams successfully sold the rights to exclusive photos from the wedding of one of the tabloids for a fabulous sum that completely paid for all expenses.

      Interestingly, last year on the occasion of the 16th anniversary of marriage, the family gathered in full force in one of the most prestigious restaurants in London. Susidy and their children made a portrait as a memento. Published in the social network the received tens of thousands of likes from fans of couples around the world.

      The world’s media discuss the fifth pregnancy of Victoria Beckham

      Victoria and David admitted that he was very happy to be together, and I love my children – 16-year-old Brooklyn, 12-year-old Romeo, 10-year-old Cruz and daughter Harper, who was four. It is not excluded that this year the family will celebrate touching the date in this way. Fans are already looking forward to from the Beckhams new photos.

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