The soloists of the band “Bi-2” kidnapped intimate correspondence

У солистов группы «Би-2» похитили интимные переписки The musicians amazed by the daring actions of the attacker. He stole the corporate smartphone of musicians in the moment when they were filming a new video for the song “Pilot”. In the circumstances of the incident investigated by law enforcement authorities.
У солистов группы «Би-2» похитили интимные переписки

And then in the Network emerge personal correspondence celebrities and naughty photos. This time victims of hackers Shura and Leva from the group “Bi-2”.

As it turned out, the musicians “stole” the corporate iPhone while working on a new video for the song “Pilot”.

“The guys did the video in the Spanish city of Almeria, – has shared with “StarHit” the representative of group “Bi-2” Maria vyugina. – During the filming of Shura and Leva conducted a live broadcast with fans in the official community team in “Vkontakte”. And this time, they have practically from under his nose took the phone. The thief tried to catch up. Followed him to the car, even broke the glass, but the offender still left. And the stream eventually ended.”

Committed action the phone was on a tripod. Using the fact that the musicians are distracted, the man took the gadget. By the way, all his actions are recorded by the camera.

The singers are very upset, because the camera kept not only personal information but also material from the new album, which is scheduled for release in the autumn. The musicians have already written a statement to the police. Representatives of the “Bi-2” suggest that the phone was stolen by a former employee of the technical personnel of the local team who’d been fired for some time before the incident. At the moment the situation dealt with local law enforcement.

Recall that the group “Bi-2” has existed since 1989, and during this time has gained an army of fans. Members of popular team are constantly on tour, will present new albums, duets with the stars and in the movies. So, in 2000 Leva and Shura took part in the work on the film by Alexei Balabanov, “Brother-2” and recorded the soundtrack for the acclaimed fighter. The song “nobody writes to the Colonel,” given in this tape, made the band famous. By the way, another song “Bi-2” “Rivers of love” became the official soundtrack to the acclaimed film “what men talk About”.

We also add that Lyova and Shura have known for many years and are family friends. Even their wedding was held in one day. The ceremony was held in 2009. Left and Asya, the former tour Manager of the band “Mumiy Troll”, educate the sons of David and Aviva. Also Egor Bortnik (real name Lev – Approx. “StarHit”) has a son from his first marriage with Irina Makeeva. As for Shura, he has two of the heirs of eve and Oliver.