Eugene papunaishvili preparing for the wedding

Евгений Папунаишвили готовится к свадьбе Famous choreographer proposing to a beloved. Eugene papunaishvili told subscribers microblog that is going to legalize the relationship with his girlfriend, Salima. The couple receiving congratulations from followers.

The famous choreographer Eugene papunaishvili pleased fans of good news. The man reported to the subscribers of his microblog that in a short time he a relationship with my girlfriend Salima. The dancer posted a picture, which the fans saw that he was holding the hand of her beloved, and her finger is decorated with an engagement ring with a precious stone.

“Said Yes! For a long time so not worried. I’m happy,” – said Eugene in Instagram.

Friends and acquaintances began to actively congratulate the newlyweds. “Wow. Awesome! Very happy! Genia, congratulations!”, “It was so beautiful! Wish you happiness infinite!”, “Hurrah! Well, finally! Congratulations, Eugene! Great happiness for both you two!”, “Jack, I congratulate you! She’s really magical,” wrote the followers papunaishvili.

Apparently, the choreographer decided to make an offer sweetheart during the halftime of football clubs of CSKA and “Arsenal”, which took place in Moscow, so many people witnessed the solemn event. As noted by followers of Eugene, they have long been waiting for this moment. The man went to the match to support your favorite team “red army”, however, decided to impress Salim and publicly asked her to marry me.

Recall papunaishvili found the Italian more than a year, but only now decided to take things to the next level. Previously the choice of the dancer met his parents. Mom and dad Eugene was satisfied with the choice of his son.

He papunaishvili claims he’s been dreaming about procreation. Despite the fact that they are chosen from different countries, they managed to achieve full understanding. Salim mastered the Russian language, and Eugene learned a few Italian words and expressions. As claimed by the choreographer,in one of the interviews, this cultural difference even they benefit: they can never enter into a serious quarrel, because I do not fully understand the meaning of each other. Eugene papunaishvili overcomes himself in communion with the beloved