Тина Канделаки отдыхает в компании легендарного футболиста Роналдо The presenter told us about meeting a famous athlete. She shared a picture with Ronaldo, than has pleased the fans in the microblog. Fans were delighted to see the famous athlete seven years after the end of his career.

Currently known TV presenter and General producer of the TV sports channel “Match TV” Tina Kandelaki spends time in the Maldives together with her husband Vasily Brovko. On vacation she met the legendary footballer Ronaldo who played for Brazil until 2002. As it turned out, Tina had a chance to talk with the player about an upcoming important event – the Confederations Cup.

“Meet the sunset with Ronaldo. So tired have to rest that whole day I wanted to start actively to work. So had a status with Ronaldo about the progress of preparations for the FIFA Confederations Cup in Russia. Just over a month, training is going on all the continents in full swing. We agreed to meet in Moscow in the semi-finals, where, I hope, will make the Russian team,” – said Kandelaki on Twitter, posting a picture with Ronaldo and spouse.

Fans were pleasantly surprised to find that Tina was found with the world-famous athlete. They noted that he has changed a lot since when I was at the peak of his career. “Great phenomenon”, “Ronaldo man like this”, “Great!” – it is such epithets awarded man fans Kandelaki.

A football organization called the Ronaldo one of the best players in the history of the sport. That he belongs to two goals in the final of the world championship in 2002 in the fight against Germany. After this contest the player no longer played for the team of their country. He remained the record for number of goals scored at the world Championships, but in 2014, his achievement broke the German Miroslav Klose. In 2011, Ronaldo has finished sports career.

Tina Kandelaki said that she practiced on the recreation along with the player. Many people know about the love of the presenter to a healthy lifestyle, and therefore was not surprised when it turned out that she has surpassed the legendary athlete in the gym. Tina bragged about his achievement in the microblog. Tina Kandelaki is relaxing on a Paradise island

“Tonight, Ronaldo invites all to practice. In the hall we won it, now left on the field,” wrote Kandelaki.