The soloist of group “Factory” builds relationships with the teacher

Солистка группы «Фабрика» строит отношения с учителем Alexander Popov went on the program “Let’s get married.” The soloist of group “Factory” has admitted that will not connect their lives with the representatives of creative professions, as well as with athletes. The singer is ready to create strong family.

      Солистка группы «Фабрика» строит отношения с учителем

      The soloist of group “Factory” Alexander Popova’s now 25 years old. She decided that it was time to think about creating a family. Apparently, the singer can’t find happiness in his personal life, and therefore asked for help. Alexander came to the program “let’s get married” to Larisa Guzeeva, rose Sabitova and Vasilisa Volodina advised with the selection of worthy men, whom she might go down the aisle. Support the artist came from her colleagues in the group – Alexander Savelyev and Irina Toneva.

      Popov knows exactly what kind of man can make her a lovely party. She put a condition that he does not want relations with the representatives of creative professions, as well as with athletes. The artist explained his position.

      “They are all the time talking about yourself. I don’t mind. But I believe that a relationship should be a partnership – to support each other, to participate in life. But so happened that you sit and listen to a poetry reading, singing songs, telling where and how he is, and even asks how I’m doing,” shared the bitter experience of the artist.

      Alexander Popov said that her life was already great love. For lady young man went to the victim left his country and moved behind the girl to Moscow. Their affair lasted five years, but before the Registrar lovers never came. The singer received higher education in the field of dentistry, however, did not work in the profession, but preferred the stage.

      Alexandra admitted that she doesn’t care about the external data of her lover. For her the most important thing is the attitude of men thereto, and the inner world of the beloved.

      “I pay attention to demeanor, education will open the door for me, whether served in hand – said Alexander. – Beauty for me is not in the first place”.

      Three men tried to attract the attention of Alexandra. However, she singled out among the contenders, only one 43-year-old Frenchman, PE teacher Nuno. A man stands in musicals, but, nevertheless, a creative hobby did not bother the girl. She stopped his choice on it.