Беременная жена Вадима Казаченко требует денег на свое содержание She is trying to attract her husband responsible for her and their unborn child. According to a lady artist, he left her without a livelihood. She hopes that the court will be obliged Vadim Kazachenko to pay her a round sum monthly.

      Беременная жена Вадима Казаченко требует денег на свое содержание

      The recent scandal in the family stars of the 90s Vadim Kazachenko has shocked not only fans of creativity of the artist, but also the entire community. For the first time in the program “Let them talk” Olga Martynova (maiden name of the wife of the musician. – Approx. ed.) announced that her husband kicked her out of the house. The situation was aggravated by the fact that the woman is seven months pregnant. Apparently, the appearance in the television broadcast has not brought tangible results to convince Vadim failed. He still refuses to financially help his legitimate wife. Olga is now in court trying to bring the man to justice.

      Vadim Kazachenko left a pregnant wife

      Along with human rights activist Catherine Gordon, Olga filed a complaint, in which he demanded Vadim to pay her a large monthly sum of money. In his statement, the wife Kozachenko pointed out that on average, the costs amount to 100 thousand rubles. However, it plans to exist on far less money to until the child turns three years. The expectant mother thought that it would be fair to award her payment of a living wage in Moscow, but three times. If the court will satisfy its requirements, the Olga and the baby will have to do the sum a little more than 50 thousand rubles per month.

      “Public party Vadim Kazachenko was voiced claim on the money that Olga gave the spouse for life (from 10 to 100 thousand rubles per month). Lawyer Kazachenko them shamefully considered and announced that Vadim wants the part back. We advocate Natalia Grigorieva waiting for the promised dozens of lawsuits, in particular and to me and, without changing position, claim all possible legal child support for a pregnant spouse” – said about his plans for Catherine Gordon.
      Беременная жена Вадима Казаченко требует денег на свое содержание

      Olga says that her husband understands the complexity of the situation – now the woman is seven months pregnant and can’t work. However, it does not touch the heart of a musician, and he has not taken any steps to help his lawful wife and their unborn child. Vadim Kazachenko publicly humiliated pregnant wife

      As told by lawyer Catherine Gordon the journalists Life, the claim of the spouse of Vadim Kazachenko I decided to submit after the man calculated how much money is spent on legitimate wife. According to him, within two years of marriage, he broke up with amount of approximately four million and decided to take them back.