Полуфиналисты «Голоса» открыли свои тайны в программе «Пусть говорят» Members of popular musical TV show aired on Andrei Malakhov to talk about their secrets. The singers assembled in the Studio before tomorrow’s test, after that that will determine those who will compete for the title of winner of the show.

      Полуфиналисты «Голоса» открыли свои тайны в программе «Пусть говорят»

      Tomorrow in the First channel will host the semi-finals of the popular music project “Voice.” For the right pass in the final stage will compete Alexander Panayotov, Darius Stavrovich, Kairat Primordial, Sardor Milano, Michael Zhitov, Oleg Kondrakov, Ksenia Korobkova & Daria Antonyuk. Before important tests, the musicians gathered in the Studio program “Let them talk”, to talk about their secrets. Transfer came and other active participants “Voices,” which was loved by the audience, such as Niko Neman, Tornike Quotation, Yuliana Melkumyan, as well as those who remembered the audience of last season.

      The first guest in the Studio was Alexander Panayotov, who is considered one of the main contenders for victory. The project “people’s artist” in 2003, the musician took the second place. After that, he disappeared out of sight, although he toured and played.

      One of the main questions asked by Andrei Malakhov was linked with incredible weight loss the singer. The fact that Panayotov dropped 20 pounds. Now he keeps himself in shape – sports and diet.

      “It’s hard to give up sweets. I love to eat at night, I think. Me a know,” admitted the singer.

      Alexander also said that can not live without stage. He so loves to sing that without creativity is not its existence. The star of “the Voice” Alexander Panayotov: “Members consider me a threat”

      Полуфиналисты «Голоса» открыли свои тайны в программе «Пусть говорят»

      Next guest in the Studio was Mikhail Zhitov. 25-year-old man came to Moscow from Arkhangelsk and for six months living in the capital. He admitted that the project “the Voice” – a favorite program of his mother and grandmother. Music was a constant in his life always, so he dreamed of someday being on the scene of such a large project.

      “I sing, as long as I can remember. I am 25 years old, so much and I sing,” – said Zhitov.

      The editors of the program “Let speak” persuaded to fly for the transfer of the mother and grandmother. The women were happy that Michael so passes one stage after another. They admitted that did not expect such a success. Participant of the show “the Voice” Michael Zhitov: “we All need love”

      Полуфиналисты «Голоса» открыли свои тайны в программе «Пусть говорят»

      Then in the Studio there is another semi-finalist of “the Voice” – 20-year-old Daria Antonyuk. She admitted that since childhood he participated in various competitions. However, they are not comparable, scale and tension, which the singer feels the project of the First channel. Daria from a very young age dreamed of the stage. In six years, the future artist went to music school, violin class. However, one teacher invited me to the Studio to do vocals.

      Полуфиналисты «Голоса» открыли свои тайны в программе «Пусть говорят»

      Kairat Primordial was the first of those saved by the mentor. The musician started the path to the project in the team of Leonid Agutin, however, since the “Fights” it took Dima Bilan. Kairat said that he felt happy after he had the chance to continue to participate in the show. His wife Elvira is always with him and providing him with strong support.

      The participant “Voices” Kairat Primaries: “for the Sake of dreams I would do any kind of work”

      But most of all surprised all the viewers of the video, which recorded a seven year old son Primerjava in Bishkek. He sincerely wished for my dad to come home with a victory.

      Полуфиналисты «Голоса» открыли свои тайны в программе «Пусть говорят»

      All gathered joined by another participant of the semi – final the 31-year-old musician Oleg Kondrakov. He admitted that singing since I was six. Thanks to my grandmother, he began his journey in music career. She is now 85 years old and she is very worried and has supported the project.

      “We went with him to the teacher – remember the grandmother of the artist. – The teacher listened and said, “Take a good voice”. In the first speech, first prize was given him and gave it to the bear. Oleg, with all my heart, thank you from my heart. So many years of dreaming to get you out on the big stage”.
      Полуфиналисты «Голоса» открыли свои тайны в программе «Пусть говорят»

      One of the most extravagant member of the “Voices” of Darius Stavrovich takes the rock music. However, she admitted to Andrey Malakhov that writes music for cartoons. The singer said that this kind of activity its very distracting. On the eve of the semifinal Stavrovich feels totally relaxed – she can’t regret it if you suddenly will not pass to the next stage.

      Daria “nookie” Stavrovich: “I had one goal – to ensure Leps turned”

      “I will finally be free. For the project all had fun and expanded musical horizons of those who were not in the subject, has encouraged the people,” – said the participant of “Voice” in the program “Let them talk”.

      Полуфиналисты «Голоса» открыли свои тайны в программе «Пусть говорят»

      Another semi-finalist Xenia Korbakova in the program immediately said that she had a fighting spirit before tomorrow’s test. The singer thanked all the viewers who voted for her during the quarterfinals. At all performances the girl supports her loving husband and sometimes even appearing with her on stage. As it turned out. Alexey Korobkov older than his wife for 25 years. He was her teacher, and then broke out between them a romantic feeling. The man said that every performance of his wife, they discuss the details.

      Полуфиналисты «Голоса» открыли свои тайны в программе «Пусть говорят»

      The eighth semi-finalist, who appeared in the Studio “Let them talk”, was a 25-year-old Sardor Milano. The young man confessed that from a young age, he oversees all music projects of the First channel. The singer was born in the capital of Uzbekistan, but for the past seven years living in Moscow.

      “Your chances of winning do not appreciate , said Milano. – There’s no time for working on speech, which will be presented at the semi-finals.”

      Executive producer of music and entertainment programs Yuri Aksyuta at the end of the program, wished all participants of semi-final good luck. He admitted that artists already announced himself to the whole country. A man proud of those who are in the Studio. And Andrey Malakhov added that the most important thing is song selection. The presenter believes that the song in Russian will find a greater response in the hearts of the audience.