Солист группы «Би-2» Лева стал жертвой грабителей This morning in the apartment of the soloist of the rock group, located in the heart of the capital, has been infiltrated by criminals. Fortunately, the alarm went off and the thieves could not really nothing is taken out of the apartment Lyova Bi-2. The artist is grateful for the operational work of law enforcement agencies.
Солист группы «Би-2» Лева стал жертвой грабителей

Yet Lyova Bi-2 spent peaceful vacation with family in Spain, the apartment of the singer in the heart of the capital has become a target for attackers. This information was confirmed by a PR agent of the musical group Mary vyugina. Criminals, having considered that the artist and his family won’t be home, broke into his apartment. The time the alarm went off at the scene promptly arrived the police so that the thieves failed to implement his plan in full.

The singer is not the first time becomes the victim of a crime. About a year ago, the soloists of the band “Bi-2” has stolen the smartphone during the filming of one of the clips. The phone kept not only personal information of the Shura and leva, but the material of the new album.

“The guys did the video in the Spanish city of almería — shared with “StarHit” the representative of group “Bi-2” Maria vyugina. The guys did the video in the Spanish city of almería — shared with “StarHit” vyugina. — During the filming of Shura and Leva conducted a live broadcast with fans in the official community team in “Vkontakte”. And this time, they have practically from under his nose took the phone.”
Солист группы «Би-2» Лева стал жертвой грабителей

By the way, is Left “Bi-2” very often comes on holiday to Spain. It was here that the singer decided to celebrate an important date related to his beloved wife Asya Streicher. “I went to celebrate in a restaurant with friends, the fifteenth anniversary of our Dating Asay. The sun disappeared behind the mountaintops. Gently bubbled eight cylinders,” wrote Lev a few days ago on Instagram. Asya got married after six years of relationship, in 2009, at this time, the couple grow up two sons.

It remains to be seen whether the singer interrupted a holiday abroad because of what happened or not. Moreover, law enforcement agencies are still trying to find out what amount of damage was inflicted by robbers. According to “Ren TV”, the thieves had to cut part of the metal doors to make access to the apartment.

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