Аскольда Запашного госпитализировали из-за проблем с желудком According to his brother Edgar, the trainer was driving to work, but he suddenly became ill. Askold Zapashny called an ambulance, which brought the artist to a medical facility. Now he will undergo tests.
Аскольда Запашного госпитализировали из-за проблем с желудком

On Tuesday morning it became known that the trainer Askold Zapashny was in the hospital. He will undergo a prolonged examination. As told to “StarHit” his brother Edgar at his relative’s happened stomach problems.

“Askold was driving to work, he picked up the stomach. Called the ambulance, was taken to the clinic. With him now wife, Mama went to the hospital too. I’m with him every 15 minutes talking. While waiting for the tests, don’t know what could provoke. Before such was not. For me was a surprise,” — said Edgard “StarHit”.

Later, the mother of Askold told reporters that he might have swallowed water, as water skiing. Presumably, it caused health problems. In the microblog of Askold and his wife very often there are videos shot in the Wake surf club. They water-ski with the whole family.

Due to the specifics of both brothers are experiencing health problems. In 2015 the filming of the series about Margarita Nazarova on of Askold was attacked by a tiger. The animal trainer has caused injury. About four years ago, the German surgeons put Askold three artificial intervertebral disc. Later, he also had to change the neck. His brother Edgar also suffered several surgical interventions. In February 2017 in Germany, the operation was carried out in the intervertebral disc of the cervical spine. Presumably, the cause of back problems is a complicated stunts and acrobatics that trainers for many years show to the audience. Despite injuries and the fall, the brothers zapashnye not going to retire.

Askold zapashnogo in all podderjivaet his wife Helen. The couple has two growing daughters, Eva and Elsa. They also already made his debut at the circus.