State Duma Deputy Vitaly Milonov has recommended Buzova “milking cows”

Депутат Госдумы Виталий Милонов посоветовал Бузовой «доить коров» The popularity of Olga Buzova many haunted. The artist managed to criticize many representatives of Russian show-business. Now Buzova not pleased the policy of Vitaly Milonova. Vitaly is sure that Olga is the place in the barn and not on the big stage.
Депутат Госдумы Виталий Милонов посоветовал Бузовой «доить коров»

State Duma Deputy Vitaly Milonov follows closely the life and creativity of the brightest representatives of Russian show-business. At the time, he criticized Polina Gagarina, Philip Kirkorov, Olga Seryabkina, “to encroach” on the family of Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva.

Milon was not spared Olga Buzova. It seems that politics do not like about Olga: how she sings, moves on the stage. Vitaly is strongly advised Buzova to change my occupation and devote himself to culinary art or to start milking cows.

Moreover, Vitaly extremely endorses the existence of the scandalous project “DOM-2”. In this regard, he emotionally called the leading show, the same Buzova, “offspring of a brothel”. Milonow stressed that now Olga closed the road to politics, this is the case if the stars will appear the desire to create his own party.

Депутат Госдумы Виталий Милонов посоветовал Бузовой «доить коров»

Itself Buzova tries not to pay attention to the opinions of detractors, moreover, she sometimes listens to them. For example, in the early singing career of Olga in the nines criticized the famous producer Victor Drobysh, noting that Bosovi better suited to the role of the nurse or cashier. Somewhat later, the singer embodied the desire of the Drobysh in life. She starred in the sensational clip Kirkorov for the song “mood Color blue” and played in the supermarket.

“You know what’s best? Philip, I love you. As you clip and my cashier? Drobysh dream come true in the video Philip!” — wrote Buzova in Instagram.

Worth noting: the producer did apologize to Olga for your words. “Olga, if you have taken on your account, I’m sorry,” said Drobysh during one of the broadcasts. Now fans Olga had an idea: maybe she’ll listen to the words of Vitaly Milonov and will be removed in the next clip in the manner of a milkmaid.

Victor Drobysh apologized to Olga Buzova