У сестры Андрея Григорьева-Аполлонова перед смертью почти отказали легкие A relative of the singer died from an asthma attack due to acute pulmonary insufficiency. This was announced on air of the program “the Stars aligned”. The soloist of group “Ivanushki International” has not commented on this information.
У сестры Андрея Григорьева-Аполлонова перед смертью почти отказали легкие

Julia Grigoriev-Apollo died July 22 in Sochi because of asthma attack. Sister of the famous singer lived in a resort town, as the doctors recommended her to breathe in the sea air.

Half-sister Olga, Andrei Grigoriev-Apollo became the guest of the program “the Stars aligned”. During the conversation with leading, she said about the true causes of the death of Julia.

“She was a heavy smoker. Our father was also developed asthma because of cigarettes. She was addicted to tobacco. All promised to give up the habit, but no way. She had a hatred of doctors. Once I arrived, and she was doing the system without the supervision of a doctor. At the morgue said that even if she survived, she would not last long. She has almost completely atrophied lungs,” shared Olga.
У сестры Андрея Григорьева-Аполлонова перед смертью почти отказали легкие

New details about the tragic fate of Yulia shocked the audience. Many of them expressed condolences to the singer, who was incredibly close with my sister.

Allegedly Olga, Yulia could have been saved, but during the attack she was alone in the apartment.

“Her husband was in Moscow at the funeral of Oleg Yakovlev. The very same Julia lived in Sochi. In Moscow, she could not, literally choked,” – said the half-sister of Andrey Grigoriev-Apollo.

Now the fans concerned about the health of red “Simons”. In recognition of relatives, the famous artist works a lot, and also suffers from high blood pressure. After the tragic news of the death of her sister is a singer for a long time refused from social networks and not been in touch with the fans.

Relatives of Andrei Grigoriev-Apollo alarmed by his condition

Only the third of September he shared his feelings and thanked the fans for their support.

“I must tell you that the only thing that saved me all these days, but your support – concerts “Simons”. It’s them that I completely forgot about my tragedy that occurred this summer. Thanks to everyone who I commiserated and sympathized,” wrote Andrew.

In early August, Andrew posted a video dedicated to the sister. In the course of movie, he told me that can not believe what happened. The actor admits that life is almost stopped, and he is saved from despair, completely immersed in the work.

Andrey Grigoriev-Apollonov hard going through the death of his sister

Recently, photo Andrew appeared on the page in Instagram Olga Grigorieva-Apollonova. The woman told that the artist attended a memorial service to mark the forty days since the death of Julia. In the pictures the singer looks tired.

Fans do not get tired to wish Andrew strength and patience. They believe that the artist will be able to cope with the tragedy and will continue to be Sunny to smile in pictures.