Николь Кузнецова готовится к очередной операции The psychic did not hide from the fans deterioration. A young woman told that she has to go under the knife in 233 times. Fans wished the white witch of strength and patience.

Nicole Kuznetsova never hid the fact that a child is suffering from a serious illness. A young woman now breathes through a tracheotomy tube, but she still has to periodically resort to surgery.

Nicole Kuznetsova about a serious illness: “I Thank God that it’s not cancer”

On the eve of operation star “the battle of psychics” has decided to dispel rumours about their own health. So, Nicole told me that before I could live without the tube in his throat.

“The tumor does not breathe, and allows me not to die from hypoxia. I am a fan all his life. During my first pregnancy, I went through ten operations without anesthesia, with younger Stepashka managed to do four, but one night I started to choke, and in intensive care, the doctors found the tube that saved my life and baby,” – said Kuznetsov.

The post stars on Instagram instantly struck a chord among her fans. They were quick to wish the psychic health and inner strength to fight the disease. “Nicole, never give up. We are always with You, Amazing people. Your life experience always inspires me”, “I Hope the operation went without complications,” wrote fans Kuznetsova.

Nicole considered that for her entire life, she had to move 233 surgery, but full recovery is still a distant dream.

“I can’t return the voice, because it never happened. Little girl in the sandbox, a schoolgirl and a student I have always said in this weird voice. Again with a whisper, I worked, opened a business and even get married. Believe me it will go away,” said the white witch.

However, Nicole does not give up. She believes that it is possible to be a successful person, despite any physical disabilities. In Instagram stars meet photos in which visible tracheostomy tube. And yet, the psychic doesn’t want to shock impressionable fans, so hiding the neck for an elegant scarf.

Now Nicole’s career is on the rise. She often appears in television programs. So, the recently released edition of the show “Psychics lead the investigation”, the filming of which was attended by Kuznetsova.

During the program, the black witch Ilona Novoselova spoke sharply about the abilities of the opponent, but Nicole did not respond to the criticism. Kuznetsova has repeatedly admitted that for her it’s just an opinion people. Fans do not get tired to admire the talent and unique abilities of the psychic. The last shooting with Ilona Novoselova turned into a scandal