Валерия Гай Германика задолжала более 260 тысяч государству The Director could not give the required amount of money. Representatives of the tax service trying to get a Germanicus payment receipts. The star only recently returned from vacation, spent together with her daughters in Cyprus.

In late July the Federal tax service Inspectorate of Moscow city put up a big score to the Director of the series “Short course happy life”. It turned out that Germanicus brought against a judicial act for the payment.

“She knew about the debt – say “StarHit” surrounded by stars. – IRS officials then sent the receipt at the place of residence, I get calls and messages on mobile. Of course, at first the amount of debt was much lower. But Leroy waved and said, “I’ll pay you back!” The result is accumulated as many as 264 thousand rubles, which she probably just forgot to pay all summer with her daughters Octavia and Severina had a rest in Cyprus. They returned home relatively recently – a few weeks ago.”

Recall that at the moment, Valeria Gai Germanika is actively working on the painting “Bonus”, the premiere of which is scheduled for 2018. In the film, filmed on the script by Dmitry Ivanov, tells the story of a young rapper. The guy is going through unrequited love, conflicts with the girl’s father, and the UPS and downs in the musical field.

The famous Director is raising two daughters: Seraphim and Octavia. Former husband of Valerie Vadim Lyubushkin made a new beloved. Some time ago, the Network was actively discussed his proposal with Alla Kocherga.

Gai Germanicus has separated from her husband in 2016 when I was pregnant with a second child. It did not frighten the status of single mothers. A celebrity tired of the lies and Lyubushkina. The man didn’t see mother Octavia in the hospital. Valeria tries to talk less about the father of the youngest daughter.

“He lied to her at every step, and a few months ago, actually staged the whole performance. Told her I was going to type to Omsk to visit my mom and finish some business, and he tihushku went to America for his ex-wife. Leroy learned this purely by accident and no longer able to tolerate. It doesn’t even stop what she was soon to give birth”, – explained the reason for the gap Valeria and Vadim, their friend.