The singer was criticized for the clip on the background of the mosque

Певицу раскритиковали за клип на фоне мечети

The singer from Tatarstan even had to explain what she wanted to say his new video.

A few days ago in the network appeared the clip Tatar singer Mignonette Galiullina, where she danced at the outdoor Oriental costume in front of a white mosque. First video, no one paid attention, and then the actress was showered with a wave of criticism: some bloggers and religious leaders have considered her behaviour undignified.

Today RESEDA on his page “Vkontakte” I published a post that explained the idea of the clip and apologize to those whose feelings she hurt…

“After you left this clip, I received a lot of feedback and calls from abroad with astonishment: “is that in Tatarstan?” Despite the fact that I do not read five times a day prayers, none of my day doesn’t start without the words “Bismillah”. Recently we sacrificed a lamb, I give sadaqah, always ready to help people,” the singer wrote.

And then continued: “Our religion Islam is the most pure, the most honest, friendly. If the clip hurt someone’s feelings, I apologize. This is my stage persona. I am also grateful to all of you that were not indifferent to my creativity.”

RESEDA also thanked all religious leaders who have expressed their opinion in respect of its work.

“And religious leaders I am very grateful because they make great efforts to ensure that in our difficult time, we have not infiltrated the different sects and radical movements. But Oriental dance, done to perfection, and the dancer is not a stripper, it’s a work of art. Dance, song, artistic expression – it is a pop genre. Once again I want to extend our deepest apologies to all those offended by my clip”, – said Galiullina.