Ксения Алферова обнажилась на отдыхе The actress wistfully recalls those balmy summer days that she spent in Italy. Alferov recently shared with fans a photo taken on the beach. Her Ksenia sunbathe without the upper part swimsuit.

      42-year-old Ksenia Alferova, indulge in nostalgia for summer vacation. The actress wistfully recalled a bygone warm days. However, pogrustim, took himself in hand and came to the conclusion that the weather should not spoil the good mood. What artist and hastened to share in one of his social networks. Alferov also posted a photo from the trip to the sea, where it appears without the upper part swimsuit.

      “Woke up this morning, looked out the window, shivered and felt like it instead of the rain in the warm sea to take a dip! But then I thought that my summer, which in my heart left, no I won’t. Wearing a bright dress, drank warm sweet tea and thought that the rain is good, too, settled in the heart of the piece fall and went on business!”, — wrote Ksenia Alferova in his Instagram.

      The fans supported their favourite actress. “Good day!”, “And let the summer never leaves your heart”, “really, warm wishes and own attitude of the Moscow weather is kind of gloomy,” “you the Most wonderful Sunny day!”, “You too good mood,” — wrote the followers of the actress in the comments. Some of them also noted that Alferov is in great shape. “Ksenia, you go to the gym? You have this back” — expressed his opinion podistica artist.

      By the way, this year Ksenia Alferova in the summer vacationing in Italy. The actress kept a diary of the trip, regularly sharing with their fans the staff there. Most of the photos Alferov signed hashtags “seize the moment” and “life is beautiful”. While abroad, she decided to temporarily stop the diet and try local delicacies. “The variety of cheeses is simply amazing. They are savory, salty, spicy, soft, hard, mouth-watering, causing a gastronomic delight and pleasure, as well as fragrant, fresh wine from sun-drenched grapes. In short, wandering happy smile on her face and no unnecessary thoughts!”, — shared Ksenia in one of his social networks.

      After summer vacation ended, Alferov went back to work and social life. Not long ago, the actress visited the Bolshoi theatre together with his grandmother, Ksenia Arkhipovna. Star introduced the mother Irina Alferova with Catherine Strizhenovoj and her daughter Sasha. Besides them, enjoy Opera, Milan’s La Scala decided Svetlana Khorkina, Alena Sviridova, family Yudashkina, Ilya Averbukh, and many others.