Alla micheev caught in the arms of a stranger

Аллу Михееву застукали в объятиях незнакомца The star of “Evening Urganta” and the actress were resting in the company of friends. Alla Mikheeva and her friends dined in a posh restaurant in the centre of Moscow. In one of the photos from the night in the lead can be seen in the company of a mystery man.

      The special correspondent of the “Evening Urgant and the actress, 27-year-old Alla Mikheeva spent time in the company of friends. The actress and her pals had a rest at the restaurant Alexander Rappoport, whose Windows overlook the Kremlin. Alla shared in one of my social networking photo with your loved ones. In the picture you can see how the earth rejoices in the company of a mysterious man dressed in a simple jacket with a white shirt.

      “In a friendly company. I love my friends”, — Mikheev wrote in his Instagram.

      Subscribers of Alla decided that the mysterious stranger whom she decided not to imagine she cares for. “But he apparently wants more,” said one of the followers of the actress. She Mikheeva has not commented on this assumption.

      By the way, despite the fact that Alla Mikheeva is one of the most popular young presenters, about her personal life little is known. The girl prefers not to talk about themselves. Somehow a joke Mikheev shared on social networks that she is connected by marriage with the capital. “Moscow is my favorite city on the planet! Because I love him not for something but in spite. Not because, well just because! As I always say, St. Petersburg – my parents, my “husband”. Why “husband”? After all, he accepted me for who I am, waters, feeds, clothes, warms, cares and does stick! Yes! Never! I am in the city – like a stone wall!.. And it takes those who are ready for this life whether you have chemistry or not,” said fans Alla.

      In 2014, Mikheeva participated in the show “Ice age”. There she had been paired with figure skater Maxim Marinin, two-time world champion. Their Duo managed to conquer the jury and viewers with their bright and original performances. In the final, Mikheeva and Marinin took the third place on the project. Some fans of Alla it was believed that Kim’s romance with the participant of the Olympic games, however, these rumors have not been confirmed.