Исполнительница хита «Поставит Басту» жила на улице Several years passed after the resounding career of the singer Dasha Suvorova. However, after the rapid success of the share of girls has fallen a lot of tests. Having lost earnings, she slept under the open sky and drinking water from fountains. Now Suvorov is in a depression, and it prevents her to write new songs.

      Исполнительница хита «Поставит Басту» жила на улице

      After a few years since, when many teenagers were singing, And till the morning again won’t sleep and will remember,” the 28-year-old singer Dasha Suvorova, who became famous after the song “Put Basta”, gave a Frank interview to journalists in which he told about his difficult life after the stunning success. As it became clear, Dasha has gone through many tests that are able to transfer not all. She not only was forced to live on the street, but to eat anything and to drink water from the fountains. Company artist were often the wipers.

      “What you saw, and ate. I drank water from a fountain, eating fruits — apples, apricots. People in the Park had left a box of apricots, grown and treated all the passers-by for free. I escaped…In Kiev, I was one, spoke in the evening from local janitors. I read them poems, they told their life stories, and for some time I felt better,” admitted Suvorov reporters.

      Alone Suvorova was hard to spin, even despite the huge success of the track “Put Basta” and one of the most important awards in the Russian show business — the “Golden gramophone”. The amount of rent for an apartment in Moscow turned out to be unaffordable for Dasha, the owner asked her to move out. After collecting all their belongings, the artist returned to his homeland. First it was extremely hard.

      Suvorov didn’t want to tell my parents and friends living in another city, that poor, prefer to solve all its problems by itself. According to the artist, the only living thing that supports it is a cat. Money for promotion of the singer no. She also says that in a difficult emotional state prevents her to be creative. When the melancholy leaves, Suvorov will come back to songwriting.

      “My only friend is my cat. It gave me the friend-the Director. And now she’s with me all the time. I’m not leaving her and she with me. The two of us. Her too hard, had to leave her in the attic of the artist, she constantly meows…once this is all over, I’m going to write my own songs, as it always did before,” — said Suvorov Life.ru.

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