Евгений Плющенко с сыновьями отметил год со дня смерти мамы Skater admitted that she would love to see him in the company of Egor and Sasha. Tatyana died in July last year after a long battle with cancer. On the anniversary of her death Evgeni Plushenko spent time with his son from his first marriage, 10-year-old Egor and Sasha, born in the marriage to Yana Rudkovskaya.

      Евгений Плющенко с сыновьями отметил год со дня смерти мамы

      Famous figure skater Evgeni Plushenko shared on Twitter a rare picture in which he is shown with his two sons – the elder Egor and a younger Sasha. All three – father and his heirs – look at the photos very happy, it is clear that they are happy and comfortable in each other’s company. Son Rudkovskaya and Plushenko made an unexpected confession

      In the company of his beloved sons of the famous athlete spent a sorrowful day for himself – exactly a year ago his mother Tatyana Plushenko, which is known to be dedicated to Eugene all my life and have done a lot to ensure that he became one of the best skaters in the world. As we mark this sad date, Evgeny Plushenko was published in the microblog touching post dedicated to mothers, focusing on the fact that Tatiana would be incredibly happy to see her son surrounded by his heirs Egor and Sasha.

      “It’s been a year since mom, but she’s with us, and all my sons with me today, she’d be happy we’re all together,” wrote Evgeny Plushenko under the photo with sons.

      Read this post, fans of the figure skater was quick to support him in moments of sadness and grief for a dearly departed loved one. “What a pity. I didn’t know. Like recently saw. In memory of”, “the Kingdom of heaven and eternal memory of your mother” – write in the comments subscribers Plushenko.

      Евгений Плющенко с сыновьями отметил год со дня смерти мамы

      However, they drew attention to the wonderful family, an the message, noting that Egor and Sasha surprisingly similar to my dad. “When a woman loves, children like daddy as much as possible!”, “Beautiful son! And your Mama in memory of”, “Boys you have a wonderful, Beautiful picture. Native people”, “Evgeny, take care of their boys! They have a very cute!”, – touches the heirs of the famous figure skater of his loyal fans.

      Recall that 10-year-old Egor – son Evgeni Plushenko from his first marriage with Maria Ermak. Despite the fact that the couple broke up, Eugene speaks to his heir, and involved in his upbringing. Well, when a skater in a second marriage with producer Yana Rudkovskaya, in the January 2013 son, Sasha, the brothers were introduced to each other.


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