The singer of the hit “Lambada” found dead in car

Исполнительница хита «Ламбада» найдена мертвой в автомобиле Body Loalwa Braz discovered in her own car. The police of Rio de Janeiro suggests that the murder, however, don’t jump to conclusions until the investigation is completed. Fans mourn the death of the artist.

      Singer Loalwa Braz, who became famous worldwide after the release of the song “Lambada” in 1989, was discovered dead inside his car. According to some foreign media reports, the car was near one of the largest cities of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, in the village of Saquarema. The police says the woman’s body was burned. Now authorities suggest that the 63-year-old actress was killed, however, with final conclusions and official statements, they do not hurry to the end of the investigation.

      The foreign press reports that shortly before the discovery of the body of the singer in her house noticed two unknown. Some time later, the fire truck rushed to the call. As it turned out, burned the roof of the building where she lived, Loalwa Braz. However, after the fire was extinguished, rescuers had to leave at singer – this time a fire occurred in the cabin of her car. In the back seat of the car was found the body of the performer of the hit “Lambada”.

      Fans around the world cannot believe the death of the famous singer. They mourn together with the relatives and close friends of the artist, expressing sympathy. In their publications they point out that, Loalwa was a great vocalist, which gave the audience numerous compositions in his performance.

      The last years of his life the artist spent at home. She owned a small hotel, which is located on the coast.

      Loalwa, Braz began her career at the age of 13. Despite the fact that she was born in Rio de Janeiro in the mid 80’s she moved to Paris. For a long time, the actress took part in the Franco-Brazilian group Kaoma, however, in the early 2000s, he released his first solo album.

      A few years ago there was a scandal around the song “Lambada”. As it turned out, the text and music of this song, which was made by the group Kaoma, – plagiarism. The Bolivian team Los Kjarkas decided to protect his work and went to court. After the hearing, the French group had to pay damages for copyright infringement.