Сын Светланы Светличной объяснил, почему не общается с ней Aleksei Ivashov first told about the relationship with a relative. Boris korchevnikov and the team of the program “live” spoke to the man and found out why it conflicts with the mother.

      Сын Светланы Светличной объяснил, почему не общается с ней

      Actress Svetlana Svetlichnaya has repeatedly said in interviews that she had a strained relationship with his eldest son. Alex was unhappy when mother married, and didn’t understand her love for the brother Oleg, who is no longer alive. In the program “live” the eldest heir of Svetlana Svetlichnaya Aleksei Ivashov for the first time explained why he had difficulties in communicating with the actress.

      About two years ago live Svetlichnaya claimed that Alex haven’t been with her. According to star cinema, the son of her not calling. Besides, Svetlana Afanasieva complained to guests of teleprogrammy that the family Ivashov did not come home even on holidays.

      “I have a test complex. The younger son went to a world not of his death, and with the eldest not quite…I think when I’m gone, the son says: “I was wrong”, – said the actress.

      Movie star believes that after the death of the youngest heir to Oleg, their relationship deteriorated, as a dispute arose on the remaining property. A number of publications even wrote that Alex blamed mother’s death as it allowed him to live in the area. In turn, Svetlichnaya claimed that Oleg was killed in his own house under mysterious circumstances. The doctors told her that the young man was a burn of the larynx. The actress suggested that the younger son was poisoned with acid.

      Aleksei Ivashov tried never to raise the issue of relations with the mother during communication with journalists. For “Live” he made an exception. When korchevnikov came to male to visit, the eldest son Svetlichnaya kindly agreed to answer some questions. Ivashov told what exactly happened to his brother. According to the man, no secrets here.

      “She bought him a house. He expressed a desire. He deliberately chose a place of residence. Death was non-violent, no drugs. I was called by one of his neighbors,” – said Ivashov.
      Сын Светланы Светличной объяснил, почему не общается с ней

      Studio guests suggested that Alex could not accept the fact that his mother was a second time married to poet Sergei Sokolsky. This information was confirmed by the deceased spouse of the bard Svetlana. However, the son himself Svetlichnaya says that he communicates with the relative, but not very often.

      “I can at any moment to come to visit her, to talk. But the distance it kills me. When my daughter was in Tver, I found that I go faster to drive than to my mum. Well, it is not in a concentration camp or were prison. Then I’d survive,” said Alexei.

      In conversation with Korchevnikov the eldest son of the actress said that during the meetings with the mother they barely communicate. She Svetlichnaya resigned to his solitude and ceased to have Affairs with men much younger than themselves. The actress admits that she always loved only one, Vladimir Ivashov. Loneliness – flour: why the stars are not in a hurry to create a family