Викторию Боню втянули в скандал с проституцией The star had to suspend a joint business with a partner. Victoria Bonia asked the fans to enter into her situation and promised to resume work on the swimsuits, but somewhat later. According to celebrity, she has provided strong evidence of guilt of her friend.

      Викторию Боню втянули в скандал с проституцией

      TV presenter and model Victoria Bonya is now in Dubai. However, the rest of the celebrity was marred by an unpleasant incident. She found out about the dubious reputation of its partners in business. Knowing the relations of Victoria with this woman, social media users began to send her undeniable proof of her guilt. After reviewing the content of their messages, Bonia decided to terminate the cooperation with the familiar. Her name is star chose not to call.

      “Girls, you all remember that I recently began the production of swimwear. When he reached our line, and there was a joint photo with this girl (no names), I came to a very unpleasant information that it deals with real pimping. Because of my gullibility, I used to trust people and not check them. I am very worried about my reputation and trying to stain, so I decided to stop all cooperation with this person, so as not to provoke another batch of scandals and rumors. So I wanted to let you know. If the information was not checked, I would never interrupt the cooperation, which has invested so much time and effort!” said celebrity.

      Bonia also thanked fans for understanding and said that her line of swimwear will be released later. Fans of Victoria supported her and advised me not to get upset. “Be careful out there! We need you”, “Everything is fine, don’t worry”, “I Understand you”, “well Done, you did the right thing”, “Always check people! This is the best way not to hurt yourself,” “Well, that time all learned,” was discussed by fans of Victoria.

      Fans of celebrities are also staged an entire discussion devoted to finding out the woman’s name, which told Bonia. So after some time, the star chose to disable comments to his post.

      Victoria Bonia previously declared in social networks that work on her clothing line came to an end. “Girls! Really this day has come! My surprise for this New year — the long-awaited swimwear collection I was cooking for a very long time! Today I did my first series of swimsuits in retro style. Thigh high, sexy zip… I’m Sure that all the folded head” — shared star.