The star of “the battle of psychics” can’t recover after his death

Звезда «Битвы экстрасенсов» не может прийти в себя после смерти возлюбленного Sneznaya Fatima Khadueva was supposed to marry, but her partner died in intensive care. Woman is believed that time to formalize the relationship with the Vic Kerechashvili, although he was in a coma.

      Звезда «Битвы экстрасенсов» не может прийти в себя после смерти возлюбленного

      Star TV-3, Fatima Khadueva grieved the death of beloved Vic Kerechashvili. The man died in the intensive care unit of the infectious Department of the hospital, without regaining consciousness. A few weeks he was in a coma. Sneznaya planned to marry the chosen one. To the last she believed that her beloved man will be able to recover. The news of his death caught Fatima far away from home, on the eve of her birthday. The star of “the battle of psychics” will be married in the intensive care unit

      Recall that viewers of TV-3 was observed for the novel Haguenau live. When the woman began to develop relationships with Vakhtang, she participated in the project “diary of a psychic”. Sneznaya suggested that he also become a hero program. Fatima thought that she finally found her happiness.

      “We walked around the city, and he became ill: dizzy, knees buckled. Took him to the cafe, began to “read” information and could not believe what I see. Barely restrain himself not to cry. My man right now could die. Called the ambulance, the doctors came and looked, decided to be hospitalized. Kept the Vic’s hand, “Everything will be fine, I assure you”, he whispered, “These 20 years I’ve loved only you. Marry me”… and lost consciousness, never knowing what I answered “Yes,” bitterly recalled Khadueva.

      The woman assumed that her partner will not cope with the disease. However, Haguenau it was not possible to be with him in intensive care. According to star of the TV show, the doctors were not allowed to enter the chamber to the patient. As noted by Fatima, she was convinced that Vakhtang something did not have time to tell her before he lost consciousness.

      “It turned out, the Vic told his mother that he loves me, and she was dying, asked him to swear he will move to Moscow and marry me. From the point of view of esotericism, after this promise of man is between two worlds. Until you keep your word, you will not be able to go further,” said Khadueva “StarHit”.

      Yet Fatima did not comment on a sad event that happened in her life. As have informed in a press-service of TV-3, sneznaya no plans to stop shooting, because you already promised a few spectators to help them in difficult situations.