The sincerity and simplicity of Adele once again touched by Londoners

Искренность и простота Адель в который раз умилила лондонцев

Recent misfortunes the bottom by one fell on the head of the people of London. Terrorist attacks, murders, fires – a never-ending string of terrible and sad incidents week after week shocking the British capital.

So yesterday in a house fire killed twelve people, and hundreds were left without shelter. Famous Britons urge to help their fellow citizens and offer themselves. Well-known chef Jamie Oliver invited all victims to his chain of restaurants, one of which is in the next block from the fire, and the singer Adele at all personally, they came to the burned-out building to hug and personally sympathize with the victims. Without much enthusiasm and security, without attracting attention, the singer cried together with residents and those who have lost not only shelter, but also their loved ones.
After a few minutes of pictures of the world famous British women circled all the social Networks. The British were amazed by the simplicity and sincerity with which Adele spoke with his countrymen. Great talent and a big heart.