The father of Princess Diana beat her mother

Отец принцессы Дианы избивал её мать

Twenty years after the death of British Princess Diana journalist Andrew Morton, author of the biographical book about the ex-wife of Prince Charles and mother of princes William and Harry, decided to publish recordings made decades ago. In the old recordings of Princess confessed to his difficult childhood. Despite the blue blood Diana’s father, John Spencer, was the domestic tyrant, that raised a hand at his wife, the mother of the future Princess.

For the first time Diana saw the father hit the mother, at the age of seven years.
“I heard my parents arguing and hid behind the door. Then I saw father hit mom in the face. She started to cry. As I recall, my mother often cried,” said Diane Morton.
Domestic violence could not last long, and in 1967, Frances Spencer left her husband for the sake of tycoon Peter Shand Qaeda and moved from the family home in Norfolk. Diana was then eight years old. She wanted her children lived with her, however, Diana’s father won the custody hearing them. Moreover, in the eyes of the society that Francis looked like a cheater, and no one was aware of this fact spouse.
Nurse in the house alternated one after the other, and almost each of them had a relationship with John. He was a very handsome man and loved the attention of women. This lasted until until he married a second time. Ex-wife he never forgave, and Diane to the end of his days torn between mom and dad.
Diana confessed that the hardest choice was the choice of wedding dress and the father, and the mother gave her along. The Princess was married in a gown donated by Francis, but until the end of the evening, fished in his reproach of his father.
As you know, the marriage of Diana to Prince Charles was not created in heaven. The couple divorced due to infidelity of the monarch with Camilla Parker-Bowls, and a year later she died in a car crash in Paris.