The driver was robbed Anastasia Volochkova

Водитель обворовывал Анастасию Волочкову

Famous Russian ballerina Anastasia Volochkova did not expect such stab in the back. People from the inner circle of the dancer stole her money.
Alexander, the name of the driver, worked with the dancer for over a year. Anastasia didn’t hurt him, and I was paid well for his services According to Volochkova, fee chauffeur was enough to hire a driver for his wife.

The theft of Anastasia found out by accident. On the day when Volochkova fired a dishonest employee, she caught him stealing fifty thousand dollars. Now a celebrity wants to find out how long and to what extent the driver had stolen her money. The ballerina idea that speech can go about millions roubles, as she confided in him that she had sent to the Bank a fee for the concerts. In response to the request to bring documents, Vladimir began to play up, and now she understands why.
After the dismissal of the driver, She gave information about him, and it turned out that enterprising man opened from four firms completely different kind of activities, and each of them, millions of rubles debt to the banks. It is not excluded that thus he wanted to cover their debts.
Shocked Anastasia also information that for several months the driver slipped something in her drink. What was the matter – now experts establish.
Cheated Vladimir ballerina and that his mother passed away. The con artist asked for money for the funeral, and sympathetic celebrity gave it 110 thousand dollars. Now Volochkova learned that the mother of the driver, all is well, she is alive and healthy, but avoids contact with journalists, and with the Anastasia.
Dancer now predicts the appearance of dirt on her. Six months ago Vladimir stole a laptop artist, and personal correspondence, and family archives celebrity fell into the hands of the attacker. According to Anastasia, the sister and wife of the driver was able to crack the password, and now she’s ready for what they will publicize her personal information.