The secrets of the series “Wolf sun”: lovers of Ekaterina Klimova and espionage Gela Meskhi

Тайны сериала «Волчье солнце»: любовники Екатерины Климовой и шпионаж Гелы Месхи The new film will introduce viewers of the First channel with the events of the early twentieth century. War drama by Sergei Ginzburg “Wolf sun,” which starred Andrey Merzlikin, Yekaterina Klimova and Gela Meskhi, tells how the Soviet KGB to disrupt the evil plans of the whites and how strong love can be.

      Тайны сериала «Волчье солнце»: любовники Екатерины Климовой и шпионаж Гелы Месхи

      Wednesday, March 29, the First channel starts the series “Wolf sun”. The shooting took place in three countries: Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. The film describes the military events of the 1920-ies. In the story, a young KGB officer Mikhail Ostanin, played by Gela Meskhi, gets an important assignment. He must infiltrate the camp of the whites, located on the Polish-Soviet border and prevent the attack by Britain, France and other European powers.

      Hero Meskhi impersonating Janusz Galetskogo, a childhood friend, a pole, who died in the fighting in the South of Russia. To get on someone else’s territory unnoticed, Osokin enters the gang of smugglers.

      The filmmakers were not afraid of difficulties that could occur during the shooting process. Beginning work on the series had in 2014. The team was not afraid to go to Lviv, which at the time was dominated pre-revolutionary situation. The shooting took place in a beautiful old mansion near the Consulate of Russia. At this time on the streets has already begun mass marches.

      Truth or fiction

      The film Director Sergei Ginsburg claims that the series is based on events in the 1920-ies, however, many of the scenes were redone.

      “The story of “Wolf sun” was not invented in a vacuum. Was actually the smugglers, the underground, the invasion plan? Was. Was interested in England? Was. But more is fiction begins, because it is primarily an adventure story, story of human relationships,” said the Creator of the picture.

      In order to recreate the era of that time, the prop guys borrowed the rare items from the Ukrainian and Belarusian collectors. The photos of the 1920-ies was custom set crackhead for hero Jan Frica. For the filming of several scenes got oval handcuffs, and a wooden box of matches ordered in France. A large part of the props purchased in Minsk, something bought at markets and antique shops of the city.

      Тайны сериала «Волчье солнце»: любовники Екатерины Климовой и шпионаж Гелы Месхи

      The movie series “Wolf sun” has already aired outside of Russia. According to some viewers, the film has many inaccuracies. “Across the border go all and Sundry, counterintelligence completely missing”, “After watching the left feeling not seen large-scale paintings, and some of the party, “the Actor playing the main character, no, and the General, the white guard officer came for dinner unshaven, never could be, then these officers were the elite, and be admired by foreigners,” wrote the skeptical netizens.

      Тайны сериала «Волчье солнце»: любовники Екатерины Климовой и шпионаж Гелы Месхи

      A novel on set and in reality

      Gela Meskhi has worked with Sergei Ginzburg during the filming of the movie “son of the father of Nations.” However, the role of security officer has given the actor much more difficult. According to Meskhi, he had to curb his passionate nature.

      “My character is very reserved, and I’m a man of Eastern blood. Therefore, when you work the biggest for me is the difficulty to control the emotions and not to beat,” said Gela.

      Тайны сериала «Волчье солнце»: любовники Екатерины Климовой и шпионаж Гелы Месхи

      The Director is of the opinion that the actor coped with such a complex character as Mikhail Osokin. It was during work on the series Meskhi met his love, Catherine Klimov. The star played a controversial character, Beata, wife of the chief of white counterintelligence, the rich pole Frantisek Segunda. Catherine remembered that her partner Ian Frech said words in a foreign language during the filming of some scenes.

      “My heroine Beata is one of those the flappers, the public opinion she didn’t care. She felt an aversion to her husband, who betrayed her: she got me to sleep with your boss to get a promotion. Many of its actions is a protest against the family of terror,” – said Klimov.
      Тайны сериала «Волчье солнце»: любовники Екатерины Климовой и шпионаж Гелы Месхи

      In his interview with the actress admitted that were not ready for romantic relationships in real life, when there was work on the series “Wolf sun”. However the destiny has prepared a surprise for her. Gela Meskhi was persistent, adaptable schedule star, showed signs of attention. “He is a very correct built, felt themselves necessary to maintain, so I again opened my heart,” recalled Catherine.

      Ekaterina Klimova did not want to build relationships with Gela Meskhi

      On the screen the story of Beata was less successful. Despite her beauty and her exquisite taste, she is unhappy in the marriage. Woman gets lovers, one of which was the character Mammoth. Played Alexander Robak. The actor had to run in the Ukrainian house in underpants and barefoot. Hero Roebuck hiding from the bedroom Beata, when, home suddenly returned to her husband. Ginzburg told me that all the performers feel about their characters. Klimova was nervous during the filming of some episodes.

      “I remember the final scene, where she had another emotional monologue. And before you enter the frame, on the body of actors attached to “the loop”, that is, the microphone that records sound. And here I am, sitting in front of a monitor with headphones, I heard not only a replica of the actress, but also how wildly pounded her heart. She’s not just making a text but lived stage with his Beate!” – said Sergey.

      Knight’s move

      Special attention on the set was devoted to the horses involved in the process. In the series “Wolf sun” was attended by 25 animals, which was brought from specchiulla located in Lviv. All horses were accustomed to the smoke and pyrotechnics, and was not afraid of shots. The actors chose toricel, as this breed has a calm temper. Many participants of the shooting process were not well to stay in the saddle, so they had to take riding lessons. In particular, the lead actor Gela Meskhi never rode horses.

      “I don’t know how to ride, and the Director asked me to jump into the saddle, shout “uh-n-n” and rush away… When I realized that rushing horse and don’t know how to slow down, stood in fear over the saddle. But then the horse felt more freedom and with a triple force carried me to the fence. There was a notch where she walked, and I would fit into the arc of the gate. All shout “save!”, and I think to myself: “What can we do?!” Thank God, the stunt managed to stop the horse. My heart is still half an hour fought with terrible force,” recalled the actor.

      In turn, Andrew Merzlikina, which the viewer will see in the role of General Romanovsky, liked to ride. The actor loves to ride horses, but in life it is not enough time. In some episodes they had to bring in stunt. They were instructed to smash watermelons with his sword in one motion, as was done before by the Cossacks.