Поклонники молятся за здоровье фигуристки Евгении Тарасовой During exercise athletes there was an unpleasant incident. It is reported that Vladimir Morozov has accidentally committed a hitting partner. As a result, the girl had to seek the assistance of medical professionals. According to the coach Nina Mozer pair, Evgenia Tarasova had a few stitches.

      Поклонники молятся за здоровье фигуристки Евгении Тарасовой

      Today it became known that famous athletes Vladimir Morozov and Evgenia Tarasova can withdraw from the world figure skating Championships, which started in Helsinki. The reason for this trauma and figure skater, which she received recently. According to a pair of coach Nina Mozer, Vladimir Morozov accidentally cut Yevgeny Tarasov. As a result, the girl had to seek the assistance of medical professionals.

      “During the pre-exercise, during the performance track partner ran into Tarasov after its fall. As a result, he cut her left leg below the knee. Her ten stitches,” Moser told reporters.
      Поклонники молятся за здоровье фигуристки Евгении Тарасовой

      Currently she is recovering after emergency medical intervention. Later, the coach informed the media representatives that the skater is planning to participate in warm-UPS before the short program, but at the moment it is unclear whether Tarasova to go on the ice. According to Moser, the degree of complexity of the injuries her trust is unclear.

      Fans of the famous skaters worry about them and wish Eugene a speedy recovery. Concerned fans write comments in the social networks in which they Express their emotions. “Poor girl,” “Well so… Hope for the best”, “Horror”, “the Main thing that nothing happened,” “did Not save”, – write fans sports stars.

      Note that Evgenia Tarasova and Vladimir Morozov is considered one of the strongest figure skaters at the prestigious event in Finland. This season, the young people who are current Champions of Europe, winners of the Grand Prix final in Marseille. Tarasova and Morozov was able to circumvent the duos from China and Canada, who took second and third places respectively.

      In a recent interview with Evgenia and Vladimir admitted that they plan to fight for medals from the inside out. Skaters also said they do not intend to bring an army of fans who genuinely believe Russian athletes and wish them to win prizes. In addition, Tarasova and Morozov spoke positively about his coach. According to them, Nina Mozer is a very able and creative person, but also a subtle psychologist, easily finding common language with other people.

      You will take part athletes in the world figure skating Championships, will report later on Wednesday, passed TASS. Later it turned out that Evgenia Tarasova still decided to play despite the injury. Together with Vladimir Morozov, she managed to show good results. The young people scored 79,37 points and were third after skaters from China and Germany.