Николь Кузнецова оказалась на грани развода Fans worried for the marriage of the psychic. Fans are concerned about what is happening in the family Nicole Kuznetsova. The witch and her husband had removed the ring, even though it had previously said that the never parted with the decoration.

      Fans of the finalists of the 16th season of the popular show “Battle of psychics” Nicole Kuznetsova was seriously concerned about: they noticed that lately a woman not wearing a wedding ring. Celebrity repeatedly said that will not part with the decoration under any circumstances. Now, however, fans literally sounding the alarm and want to get at least some response from the witch. They are worried that between Nicole Kuznetsova and her husband Alexander by Sudakovym discord occurred.

      “Wow, first time without a ring, did something happen?”, “Nicole, Hey, sweetie, where’s your wedding ring? You almost do not shoot! And now it’s not”, “Nicole, where’s the wedding ring? You always were with him, even when he put his huge ring of stones. Are you okay?”, “Nicole, I’ve noticed that your husband too, no wedding ring,” wrote fans.

      “StarHit” decided to contact Nicole Kuznetsova to find out what happened between her and her husband. As it turned out, the psychic is not easy to talk about your relationship with your spouse.

      “I think that I will refrain from any comments. We now have a difficult period and I’m not ready to discuss it,” said Nicole.

      Nicole and Alexander are growing up a son Stepan. The man also found a common language with the eldest heir female Yegor, whom she gave birth, when I was in previous relationships. The presenter takes part in a child’s life. Nicole Kuznetsov first told about the serious illness of his son

      Kuznetsova was told that it is not so easy to keep out people, but because she believes family only my mom and husband. Despite the fact that Nicole deals with many via the work of Alexander full confidence in its second half and did not jealous. However, a celebrity admitted to “StarHit” that still mad at the wife for ruining the happy moment.

      “He proposed to me at night, I was waiting for something enchanting, and it so happened… still can’t forgiven him. Me he is never jealous, we trust each other. I never sorrowful spouse, not to allow myself to bring home flowers from other men,” – said Kuznetsov.