Муж Ольги Картунковой привел в дом любовницу
Azamat Musagaliev tried on a female image.

Муж Ольги Картунковой привел в дом любовницу

Olga Bartunkova

Photo: TNT

Olga Bartunkova caught in a piquant situation when her husband
brought home a mistress. At first glance, it smells like kerosene and scandal. But
in the 21st century, and as a wise, loving and caring wife instead
grab a rolling pin and withdraw the careless husband, Olga covered bed for a couple in
the next room. However, the story is what happened to the heroine in the new Bartunkova
edition of the project “One day in Russia” on TNT.

Azamat Musagaliev

Photo: TNT

Hero Azamat Musagalieva falls into the trap. Young
man expects to rendezvous with a sex bomb, but comes flea
student with glasses. Interesting not only the story, but the fact that
nymphomaniac played by actress Julia Topol’nitskiy.
But the other hero he — the mayor — stood on high-heeled shoes. Moreover,
solid man, who the subordinates called it as master, and
women’s dress dressed up and a blonde wig tried on.

In addition to the love triangles we’ll see what money
removed best Russian films — “Stretching”, “Pussy 5”, “Witing” and
other. Peeped, like the famous and very loud commentator working on
the TV channel “TV Ball” and hear a song about romance in the USSR.