Брэд Питт тайно присоединился к Анджелине Джоли в Камбодже
A divorcing spouse to restore the relationship.

Брэд Питт тайно присоединился к Анджелине Джоли в Камбодже

Angelina Jolie and brad pitt


It seems, more recently, Angelina Jolie and brad pitt without
the end of forward mutual accusations and refused to talk to each other. But
in the history of divorcing spouses unexpectedly positive turn.

Jolie, which in
the time accused pitt of the mistreatment of children, changed the temper justice with mercy
and now not only allowed brad to see his “children” without the presence of appointed
a court psychologist, but let him come to Cambodia to help her cope
with its “kindergarten”!

The actress, who recently visited the country as part of a promotional
company of her new movie “First they killed my father…”, went for
the ocean, taking all six children. But since Angelina was very
busy with work, she allowed pitt to look after their offspring at a time
while she was with them. And brad gladly accepted her offer, although to do
it wasn’t easy – he had completed work on the film “the war Machine”. In
the result, according to e! com at least 75% of the time your Cambodian trip the children spent with

Incidentally, for the last time, this is not
the only friendly gesture Angelina against pitt. First, as
became known, the couple, after a long break again started to communicate
with each other directly, not through lawyers.
Moreover, in one of his last interviews, Jolie, to everyone
astonishment said that pitt is “wonderful father”! So now there is hope,
if not a complete reconciliation, then at least for recovery between them
normal relations, and it will be just fine for their younger children.

Angelina Jolie with children