Рома Желудь спасся бегством от полицейских
Videobloger found themselves in a difficult situation on lake Baikal.

Roma Acorn

Roma Acorn found themselves in a difficult situation: popular videobloger was forced to flee from the police. After the Youtube star broke the law, he hastened to escape from the crime scene.

It happened during a photo expedition to lake Baikal, where Acorn went along with teenagers with disabilities. The group lived in the village of Khuzhir on Olkhon island in the harsh Northern conditions. It is difficult to imagine, but the electricity came here only 10 years ago, when lake bottom laid cable.

Roma and other members of the expedition were placed in small wooden cabins, located on the shores of lake Baikal. Every day, together with the chief coach of the boys were out on the icy road, trying to photograph the wonders of the local nature: the mysterious caves, steep cliffs, clear blue ice over a metre thick. In search of the most protected places to shoot the guys and caught the eye of local police. Officially most of the route, where the guys visit is strictly prohibited for the safety of tourists.

“Since all of the trails on which every day passes a few hundred people is not allowed, we had to drive around the exits, blocked by the DPS, rather dangerous and unknown places of lake Baikal — shared novel. — On one of the days we caught the eye of police. He walked toward us, probably to say that we are on the prohibited route and ask for documents.”

Guys got scared, and since were at this point ten meters away from the car, decided to just run away. The policeman was not satisfied with the pursuit of offenders: custody order was enough that a group of teenagers left.