The secrets of filming the TV series “the Investigator Tikhonov”

Тайны съемок сериала «Следователь Тихонов»
Specifically for the project, Mikhail Efremov lost weight and left Moscow.

Mikhail Efremov, Svetlana Ivanova in the TV series “the Investigator Tikhonov”

Photo: Alexander Lower

To play the investigator Tikhonov in the eponymous series, launched yesterday on the channel “Russia”, Mikhail Efremov had to make huge efforts, as his character — not just shrewd and courageous policeman. In Tikhonov in love with three beautiful women: his wife (played by Victoria Tolstoganova), the mistress (Maria Mironova) and new girlfriend (Svetlana Ivanova).

Efremov-Tikhonov had to look attractive. So the actor was engaged in its physical form: it has become regular to go to the pool and to follow the diet. Due to this by the time of the filming Efremov lost ten pounds!

Also for the shooting of Ephraim had to change the apartment. After working on the show took a year, and the actor for the entire period he didn’t make the hotel room, and quiet apartment, where would not be disturbed and where outsiders would often come to Moscow with his family — his wife Sophia and three children.

Shooting the series, which takes place in Moscow, filmed in St. Petersburg due to the fact that in white stone, emerging construction boom, untouched “Soviet” courts almost gone. And the Director was very important
authentically recreate the era of 70-80-ies. Therefore, in Moscow podsnyat only significant places — the Bolshoi theatre and the Kremlin, but ordinary houses and streets found in the city on the Neva.

And the suburbs “depicted” Leningrad region. So, the country in which
hiding criminals, was filmed in the rural village of Komarovo, sung by Igor Sklyar in the song “On
a week before the second, I leave in the morning”. In this country cooperative has survived not only old
wooden houses and fences from the fence, but the Soviet way of life. For filming only had to drive an ancient
assenizatorsky car and “the Zhiguli”-“the penny” old rooms. “I went to
so,” glancing at the car, smiled Efremov.

By the way, during the filming of the filmmakers
trampling more than one lawn. But the locals didn’t get angry. And even
brought to Ephraim Mat — that the actor is not soiled trousers. “Just like Vysotsky from
“The meeting place cannot be changed”, — whispered gardeners, watching Mikhail,
who ordered the criminals to surrender.

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