The son’s behavior makes Victoria Beckham serious concerns

Поведение сына вызывает у Виктории Бекхэм серьезные опасения
Brooklyn again confirmed its reputation of a young don Juan

Поведение сына вызывает у Виктории Бекхэм серьезные опасения

Brooklyn Beckham


Chloe Moretz


Young Beckham returned
his mum Victoria a reason to think about whether she had raised. The fact that the wife of David Beckham fears: relentless pursuit
Brooklyn to do things their own way, not listening to the advice of his mother, may bring
his up to trouble. 17-year-old young man completely absorbed in his
personal life, not wanting to think about studying. Yes, besides, manifests, from the point
the view of Victoria, this is very careless, endlessly changing girlfriends.

The other day it became known that the Brooklyn cast
another beauty, whom he had met recently — Sonia Ben Ammar — and switched to a new actress Chloe
The Moretz. However, it would be wrong to call a new friend, because in
the past she had met with Brooklyn.

Chloe and eldest son of Victoria
met summer 2014 at Fashion Week in Paris. They were seen together
everywhere — on beaches, at concerts… But last year suddenly Brooklyn threw Chloe
and had an affair with Sonia Ben Ammar. And
now he turned back to Chloe. As
it turned out, he slowly began to meet again with the Moretz back in January of this
of the year there were witnesses who saw them in London out arm in arm from the restaurant. But then
Brooklyn did not seek to publicize his relationship with Chloe, because at the time he
still met in parallel with Ben Ammar!

Now, when young
the man threw Sonia, he no longer has to hide his renewed romance with Moretz. So he
and invited a girl to dinner in Los Angeles restaurant Soho House. The whole evening, do not hesitate or other
visitors to the restaurant, Chloe and Brooklyn were flirting furiously. She gently tossed
his hair, and , from time to time she put her head on his shoulder… what will Roman and Chloe
Brooklyn is hard to say. However, Moretz has already shown in his recent
interview that her boyfriend is a great guy and she loves spending time with him.

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