Brother’s ex-wife Tsyganov: “Ira one raises children”

Брат бывшей жены Цыганова: «Ира одна поднимает детей»

Relatives of Irina Leonova told about how life changed after the departure of the actor from the family.

The name of the star of the series “Thaw” Yevgeny Tsyganov does not descend from the covers of the most popular publications in the country. Scandal on the prize “person of the year”, a departure from the seventh child of a pregnant wife… (read more here)

Now Eugene is fully immersed in work and education already the eighth child. This time from Yulia Snigir.

Meanwhile his ex-wife Irina Leonova, according to relatives, have one pull left actor family.

“Ira’s not one to give up, – said the brother of the actress, Vladimir Leonov, according to the “StarHit”. She’s planning to appear a lot, playing in the theater, to raise children. Soon seniors will be a support for mom. Her family has not left. Even though we live in different countries, try to support. That year I came to visit – used to babysit his nephews, brought gifts. Parents in Moscow are, sitting with her grandchildren. Our mom and dad, of course, the first time turned away from Tsyganova. But sometimes you have to communicate, he is the father of the children… And they will never be born back – judge it, not judge”.

The neighbors tell that the nannies Ira no. With children actress is trying to cope itself.

“Hands on children lacks: one Shoe lace is undone, the second fell, crying, on the third hand is required, and there are employed: Ira’s daughter Vera is – the neighbor says Anna Mikhailovna. – Three kids in arranged institution in the house is there with them for free and doing sports, and reading, and fed…”

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