Скандал Недели моды: моделям пришлось доказывать, что они не голодают

The former spice girl has unveiled a new collection at fashion Week in new York. And immediately there was a scandal: the models of Victoria seemed to the public too skinny.

Victoria Beckham – the standard of fashion and style. And a very petite woman. To have such a figure, Vicky was worn out: sitting on an incredible diet even during pregnancy. Well, this she saw the ideal.

For her show at fashion Week in new York vibiraem models to your taste – miniature. But the world, which recently became obsessed with body positive, skinny beauties suddenly condemned. So, along with rave reviews about the collection, Beckham received feedback in the spirit of “the crowd of martyrs of the concentration camps came to the podium”. Or here’s another columnist from the Daily Mail: “No women, and half-naked space cadets”.

But these models of the Nutcracker. They’re all posted evidence that is not hungry. See what to eat of the model right after the shows!

Arganaraz Mika

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26-year-old Argentine beauty for his modeling career lit up in advertising campaigns of almost all fashion brands ranging from Louis Vuitton and Chanel ending. In addition, she became the first model Sasha Pivovarova, who participated in the solo campaign for Prada.

But as it turned out, weighs less than 50 pounds, the girl indulging in the Goodies. According to her Instagram it is easy to notice that she is indifferent, for example, pepperoni.

Ondria Hardin

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Starting a modeling career at the age of thirteen to nineteen American Ondria Hardin entered the top 50 models in the world and became the new face of Dior. Now Ondria fully immersed in the world of fashion, even a dog named Miou-Miou, in honor of the Italian brand.

And although the girl and laughs, “the only thing that can – is to pose”, she’s not going crazy because of a few extra grams. And can afford burgers and all sorts of high-calorie cocktails.

Jesse Bloemendaal

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Another beauty, which after the show Beckham was nicknamed the “extremely emaciated”. But the girl under it so obviously not ready to sign up! After all, every week she shares with her followers photos of tasty snacks, among which is and fried potatoes, greasy bacon, and shrimp on the grill. Look and are licking fingers!

Iris Landstra

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Iris recently turned 16 years old. And she has no “track record” star colleagues. When this girl showed great promise. Times its still a schoolgirl noticed Victoria Beckham and invited to his show.

And although the girl and called skinny, rather she was just lucky with metabolism! After all the Goodies it is certainly not failing.