Dima Bilan has dramatically lost weight because of serious illness

Дима Билан резко похудел из-за серьезной болезни

The singer was not going to lose weight. Turns out he had gastritis, which led to such results.

Dima Bilan and have not been aware of problems with excess weight. As the singer leads an active lifestyle, running in the morning and moves a lot on stage, and the body, respectively, he was always fit and toned.

But recently, the singer’s fans were seriously worried for their idol. He literally began to melt before our eyes! With each photo the figure of the artist became thinner and thinner. Face haggard, became visible ribs. The singer just bombarded with questions, what happened to him and why he suddenly decided to lose weight. <url> Woman’s Day came to Dima with these issues in Sochi during the “New wave”.

It turns out, the singer just didn’t want to complain, but in January Dima was severe gastritis which led to weight loss. Shooting programs, constant travel, touring and nervous tension is the most loyal of the satellites of this unpleasant disease.

“I’m not specially – confessed Bilan. — Everything from improper diet. Now I shall know what to eat every 2-3 hours in small portions. In the morning I cook porridge: rice, oatmeal, semolina. Himself able, and very good at it. And you know, I like to be thin. This ease is felt, back the forgotten flexibility. So I will support this condition.”

To gastritis is not turned into an ulcer, it is necessary not only to establish the power, but to stop being nervous. We wish the actor good health. Dima, easy is certainly good. But a couple of pounds of gravity will not add, but a healthy blush on the cheeks appear!