Леди Гага призналась, что не может жить без антидепрессантов

For three years, the singer struggles with mental disorders.

For the first time about health problems Lady Gaga openly talking in 2013 after the release of her album Artpop. The singer then complained that she was tortured by depression and she has to take antidepressants. Fans, of course, was shocked, but supported the star, realizing how hard her profession. However, the new statement Gaga shocked is not even the most ardent of her admirers. After the premiere of the new song “Perfect Illusion”, which the singer soared to the top all of the charts, Lady Gaga suddenly said: she is still sitting on tablets. That is, for three years!

“I needed time to stabilize,” she said to the Daily Mirror. — I don’t remember anything from that period when my career took off. It’s like I was injured. I had the time to test my soul.”

Three years for this test, the singer is not enough. Moreover, she never coped with the depression, which forced to continue drug treatment.

“I’m taking my meds – confessed Gaga. — I’m not saying I feel good with the pills. On the contrary, I would not want to encourage young people to take antidepressants or mood stabilizers. I just say I can’t cope with depression and anxiety, and I think many people have this problem”.

And how can we overcome depression when on all fronts some problems. In February, the singer broke a five-year relationship with her boyfriend, actor Taylor Kinney, whom was getting married. With friends also, the singer didn’t work out… and Then a healthy person will break. All of these topics Lady Gaga condemned in the words of the songs for the new album, which will be released in the near future.

“I have been betrayed completely different type of people, – admitted the singer. — I think, destroyed the illusion I needed to guide me in a certain way. In General, the new album will be a lot of anger.”