The rumors about the participation Sobchak in the elections became a sensation in the Network

Слухи об участии Собчак в выборах стали сенсацией в Сети Telediva denies rumors of creating its headquarters, which received wide publicity on the Internet. According to Xenia Sobchak, it really is dealing with various activists and journalists, but with a different goal. The star said that working on one major project related to journalism.
Слухи об участии Собчак в выборах стали сенсацией в Сети

TV presenter and editor of the periodical Ksenia Sobchak – one of the most quoted Russian journalists. For whatever was taken of the star, it becomes the subject of heated public debate. Some time ago, the Network appeared rumors that the celebrity will participate in the presidential election of 2018.

A few days later, data began to rapidly acquire new details. So, on the ground Telegram was created by the “official channel of the candidate in presidents of the Russian Federation” which allegedly leads Sobchak. She later denied that has to it any relation.

Слухи об участии Собчак в выборах стали сенсацией в Сети“I have no Telegram-channel, and all messages except the ones you see in my official Instagram, the “Facebook” and “Twitter” – fake. Do not get fooled by provocation of the enemy”, – shared the leading.
Слухи об участии Собчак в выборах стали сенсацией в Сети

Spouse Ksenia Sobchak Maxim Vitorgan with humor reacted to the information publicized on the Network. “Preparing for the role of first lady. The fitting of hats, gloves, selection of clutches,” wrote the actor during the selection of the costume.

In the Internet appeared rumors that Ksenia talks with journalists and activists about the work in her campaign headquarters. Was called and the names of specific candidates – the Super novel, Mikhail Zygar, Anton Krasovsky and a number of other famous people who are familiar with the presenter. Journalists turned to him for comment, but they refused to comment on the speculation of the public.

Sobchak has not confirmed the information on creation of the campaign. According to star, she really communicating with different people, but with a different goal. Previously she has said that he considers himself “independent man.” The presenter called the rumors about his nomination for election “surge”.

“I only hear from journalists about his alleged nomination. Personally, it’s like nothing I haven’t told anyone. The rumors about my nomination – a provocation and yet another attempt to discredit. I’m doing another big project, but it is journalistic, not political,” – said Xenia colleagues.

Details of the upcoming project Sobchak chose not to share. According to some leading can run the show, devoted to the election of the President, on the TV channel “Rain”, where she works, but this question is still open.

In the media suggest that Xenia can still take part in the presidential elections, but in what capacity is unknown. Earlier at a press conference on the results of the BRICS summit Vladimir Putin commented on the participation of teledive in the presidential race.

“Each person in accordance with the law has the right to stand as a candidate. Ksenia Sobchak is no exception. I was respectful and treat her father, think he is an outstanding figure in modern Russian history. I without a shadow of irony is telling. He is a very decent, played a big role in my life. But when it is about to run for President, things of a personal nature can not play any significant role. It depends on which program it will offer, if will actually run as it will build his presidential campaign. Here this will depend on the success or failure of this enterprise”, – said the head of state.

Putin also shared that he first heard about possible plans Sobchak to run. “I am sure that there may be other candidates, surely they will be,” he added.

That Ksenia Sobchak can nominate his candidacy for the presidency, spoke at the beginning of September. Then, in one of editions has published an article which claimed that the presidential elections can participate woman.

“Ideal – Ksenia Sobchak, showing the image of a modern young woman who would like to go into politics. Smart, bright, interesting, but not in all corresponding to the image of a typical Russian woman, a question decides whether it is” – quoted by the correspondent arguments of the interlocutor close to presidential administration.

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