The illegitimate son of Vasily Livanov insisted on a DNA test

Внебрачный сын Василия Ливанова настаивает на ДНК-тесте Human rights activist Kirill Gilyarov went to court with the claim about genetic examination. According to the man, he doesn’t need the money, and wants to confirm their relationship with Vasily Livanov. However that is not configured to make contact with Hilarouis.
Внебрачный сын Василия Ливанова настаивает на ДНК-тесте

Journalists have reported that the 82-year-old people’s artist of Russia Vasily Livanov showed up illegitimate son. Human rights activist Kirill Gilyarov claims to be a close relative of the legendary actor. The man is serious and insists that he is right. But Vasily Borisovich is in no hurry to recognize the heir. Moreover, according to the media, starring in cult TV series “Sherlock Holmes” is very negative towards Gilyarova and sharply reacts to his statements.

According to human rights activist, he learned about the relationship with Vasily Livanov at the age of twelve years. The mother of Cyril worked with a famous actor at the Studio “Soyuzmultfilm”. There’s apparently between them and began an affair.

In adolescence Gilyarov was trying to meet a famous actor came to visit him. But Vasily Borisovich not reacted to the statements of the boys seriously, and strongly asked to leave. According to correspondents, Lebanon even allegedly threatened the alleged illegitimate son, the summoning of law enforcement officials to quickly leave him alone.

However, on the page of Cyril gilyarova in one of the social networks it is written that his father – Cyril I. Doron. Perhaps the man is in no hurry to advertise their relationship with a famous actor.

After a couple of decades after an unfortunate incident on the doorstep of Vasily Livanov, human rights defender decided to try again to establish contact with the alleged father. According to Cyril, he does not need money from the famous actor. Journalists report that Gilyarov agree to undergo a DNA test to prove his innocence. However, the movie star is not ready for this examination.

Officially, Vasily Livanov is the father of three children – Anastasia, Boris and Nikolai. Artist double-combined bonds of marriage with the daughter of a biochemist Vladimir Engelgardt Alina and animated movie artist Yelena Balabanova.

Not so long ago the alleged son of the actor Cyril Gilyarov appealed to the Tushino court in Moscow, but failed, reports However, the man is not going to be depressed and is planning to prove his kinship with a celebrity.

By the way, one of the sons of Vasily Livanov has recently become the focus of public attention. Boris has unveiled his affair with Maria Golubkina. Even the lovers plan to get married, but when it happens, is still unknown. Runaway bride: why Sedokova Khodchenkova and Golubkina left the men before the wedding