Presenter of the First channel of Anastasia Tregubova: “I’m six months pregnant!”

Ведущая Первого канала Анастасия Трегубова: «Я на шестом месяце беременности!» Celebrity shared good news. Anastasia Tregubova admitted that her family will have another child. Now presenter along with spouse resting in Greece, where I went to celebrate a birthday.
Ведущая Первого канала Анастасия Трегубова: «Я на шестом месяце беременности!»

Host of “Good morning” on the First channel of Anastasia Tregubova accepts congratulations with the happy news that soon she will become a mother for the third time. In her family growing up two children – 11-year-old Lisa and seven-year-old Misha, who this year went to the first class. Unlike some celebrities who prefer to hide the pregnancy, TV presenter decided to share the happiness in your birthday.

“I have sixth month pregnancy and I have to say, feel great. The third baby in our family will be early next year. Now my husband and I are on holiday in Greece-the sea air and the gentle sun will affect me positively. In the morning my beloved greeted me happy birthday, a huge bouquet of roses, which is further lifted my spirits!” – said Anastasia “StarHit”.

Despite the fact that the presenter of the First channel is at a good gestational age, she is not afraid to fly the plane. She recently went with her husband on holiday in Greece. Presenter, sunbathing on the beach, spoil yourself with fresh fruits and vegetables, but also enjoy the time spends alone with my husband.

“Vacation for me is plenty of opportunity to sleep until 10 or 11, because on working days I Wake up at four in the morning, when shots there – seven to get the kids to school. Oh, how I dreamed that we go to the sea, and I can sleep enough. Everything is happening… But my husband, on the contrary, wakes up early and brings me Breakfast in the room,” – said in a microblog Tregubova.

Anastasia admitted that on vacation she did not take their children with them. Apparently, it felt wrong to separate them from the educational process. Moreover, seven year old Misha was in school, but because he should not be distracted and easy to learn the basics. Tregubova really misses her son and daughter and therefore wants to get back home to hug heirs.

“I woke up today, went to the balcony, and saw there is a young happy family with children from our hotel. And realized how I missed her how they’re doing in school, what they eat, what cartoon last looked,” admitted Anastasia.