The reputation of Jessica Alba suffered a terrible blow

Репутации Джессики Альбы нанесен ужасный удар
The actress had to admit that her company produces threat to health products!

Jessica Alba


On the days around Jessica Alba broke
a terrible scandal. The fact that Honest Company — a company owned by the actress, was forced to pay a large sum
affected by the use of its products. As reported, the total amount of
compensation exceeds half a million dollars. And the problem here is not that
that is a significant sum, which will further deteriorate the condition of the Finance of the Honest Company. Announcement
compensation was, in essence, a recognition of the right of those who claimed —
the company’s products are dangerous for health!
Information on this topic appeared on the website

This story began in the fall of 2015. It was then received the first
complaints from victims of the company’s products Jessica. Then a group of citizens
made to the quality of sunscreen produced by the Honest Company, consumers which
got a serious sunburn. Later
an American citizen Jonathan Rubin, who attended
a study of the composition of the products of the company of the actress rejected
soap, gel and baby diapers produced by the company Jessica.

And last year Jessi arose even more serious problems — this
at times due to poor child nutrition, which also produces the Honest Company . Association
U.S. consumers, after receiving numerous complaints from buyers of goods produced
the firm actress, decided to have a laboratory study jars with the supposedly
“organic”, it is environmentally friendly, without any admixture of “chemistry” children’s
food. The result of this examination has shaken all. In foods for infants found
many not useful chemicals! Especially angered
the presence of researchers in nutrition selenological sodium (traditional supplements
in cheap feed for animals) and calcium Pantothenate, which is produced from
highly toxic formaldehyde. As stated in the charges against Jessica
the lawsuit, “the components found are completely unacceptable in baby food and
contradict the Federal law on the composition of foods that are considered

But Alba is not only positioned his company as an environmentally
clean, she intentionally called her Honest Company, which translates as the “fair company”. And every time
against her allegations, she
swore to his good name. And now in jeopardy not only
business Jessica, but also her personal reputation…