Svetlana Loboda spoke about the generosity of the elect

Светлана Лобода рассказала о щедрости своего избранника
Popular singer gave a Frank interview.

Svetlana Loboda

Photo: press service of the Classmates

Guest of the show “OK!” became the most popular singer-Classmates — Svetlana Loboda. She headed the newly created music chart Classmates — for the last week her song “Random” users of the social network was listening to the most.

live show Svetlana told about finding real hits and
the emergence of interest “in Your eyes”, the creation of drama in the clips and on the work in
the women’s team. The singer complained about the acute lack of time
at home it happens at most once a month, and no time either to communicate with
daughter eve, nor take the time to search for the chosen one. However to relax
Loboda is also not particularly like. On the second day of the holiday she starts
check mail in search of interesting tracks. Loboda answered questions
users Classmates and called the release date of the long-awaited clip
for the song “Random”: the singer promised that on the 14 th of Jun fans
will see a new music video. publishes the most interesting excerpts from interviews of the singer.

That doesn’t feel a celebrity:
can’t say I feel a star. I feel like a man
in its place. We clearly occupied a niche with my team and
do it very professionally. I know that we now
a certain level, is quite high. But we have what
to strive for. This years was very powerful, drums, but we have planned
last year, this year should be ours in all senses. Moreover,
us such hit songs will continue to be produced that next year
also will our.

About the price of success:
I do not
you see your child. I absolutely do not give time to his family. It
of course, a great tragedy for us. But due to the fact that I love to read
biographies of various artists, actors, I understand that it is definitely
the flip side of what is called “success”. If you have
career success, in rare cases you have success in your personal life, because
all your concentration only occurs at the quarry. And to be
at home, take care of the beloved man, to cook him food – it’s impossible
because you’re not home at all. When people ask me where I live, I
say: “In the aircraft”. I am in Kiev, once a month.

About the appearance of the song “Your eyes”:
appeared the same as all the other songs. About 60-70 songs on
my email comes daily. I occlusive all, because it is important not
to miss the hit, which will then rattle of each iron. Now
joined my friend, my producer Natella. I taught her how to choose
hits. And so we have accumulated the following album.
Every song I finish. In the song “Your eyes” we changed the text
very active. And Dakota helped, and I copied a lot of things. More often
all we get songs that have to be rewritten. But the grain we
leave that which is laid by the author.

The song “Bitch”:
all the time so shy to sing it. I do not like such words
to say, I think they rough. But she’s so vital, and so
a lot of women can take her for your story! After all, in life so often
touch edit, that friend steal your man
your husband. It is very often. And I thought that due to the fact that
very relevant this story, I want to do it. Natella dreams
to make a video for it, it is a great idea. It is possible that we
make this a video run as viral video on the Internet.

On the superiority of the hit against the person of the artist:
the hit is everything. Now is the time when the cult of the artist, as it was in
times Pugacheva, Sofia Rotaru, Valery Leontiev, when there was a cult
personality, and now this song rocks. You can be “newartist”, but
you popular, and you will be glad to see on all platforms.

On his authority in the family:
I think that strict, eve says no. She knows I love her
but of course sometimes I can criticize it strongly. We have authority in
the family is mom, it’s me, and when there are any problems, all call
I always say: “Talk to eve”.

On how should be chosen:
Female artist
it is very difficult to find a mate, because too many factors should
to come together. The person who should be next, should be
a very confident person who understands and accepts the profession
artist. Rather, it should be someone from its environment or
a free-standing identity, which in life is good. Because if
he’s not good, it is all very bad ends. And if he is also
self-sufficient, and he has some own business, your business,
well. Honesty, nobility, ability to love and to give – the
the importance of quality. A man should be generous a priori.

Why are not able to build relationships:
unfortunately, to see how? If I one day just a month are at home. I
trying to figure out how I can create a family, if I was up on stage. It
need to take a vacation, to build relationships, or to adjust the schedule so
to at least a week a month to be at home.